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Скачать с ютуб The Biggest Military Truck in Action!! Oshkosh HET M1070

Опубликовано: 12 февр. 2015 г. 238 509 просмотров

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  • Mephisto Cat
    Mephisto Cat 2 years ago that a Detroit Diesel i'm hearing?
  • Zsolt Lukács
    Zsolt Lukács 4 years ago two stroke detroit diesel.and allison auto trans..
  • Chris
    Chris 4 years ago Does that truck use a 2 stroke engine and auto transmission?
  • Chris
    Chris 4 years ago Awesome !
  • Pak Channel
    Pak Channel 3 years ago Its amazing indeed
  • David B
    David B 3 years ago Motor T!, everyone else is just cargo!
  • Tony Marazzo
    Tony Marazzo 10 months ago Nice! Want one with the tank trailer!
  • Bio Gazi
    Bio Gazi 3 years ago it's A Gangster of Our Jungle Road's 😉👌👍👊
  • ruben ramos
    ruben ramos 3 years ago me gustaría que publiqué los lugares dónde el camión fue utilizado. gracias
  • D-G-A-F
    D-G-A-F 3 years ago
  • Anton Floor
    Anton Floor 3 weeks ago D-G-A-F hell yes
  • namee ee
    namee ee 1 year ago Only 20 comments !! Cmon
  • KerissP
    KerissP 1 year ago Brazil?
  • Joseph Rajaram
    Joseph Rajaram 9 months ago Suriname
  • Gilbert Duran
    Gilbert Duran 8 months ago Can you haul cars in an enclosed gooseneck trailer with this truck?
  • YouTuber 12345 youtuber
    YouTuber 12345 youtuber 1 year ago I thought it was illegal to use it for commercial purposes.
  • Atomik
    Atomik 4 years ago HET
  • Thad L
    Thad L 3 years ago What does HET mean?
  • Atomik
    Atomik 3 years ago @Thad L Heavy Equipment Transporter.
  • Ivan Bruni
    Ivan Bruni 1 year ago Frankenstein
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  • Maxx Fata
    Maxx Fata 3 years ago hahahaha, russian older log trucks have a more rough terrain then that smooth road... lol
  • Pill Cosby
    Pill Cosby 3 years ago Maxx Fata Who gives a fuck
  • Maxx Fata
    Maxx Fata 3 years ago @LOCO Fiesta I usa and Japan shit like you lol troll
  • Benjamin Esposti
    Benjamin Esposti 2 years ago Maxx Fata, If you give a fuck, then I guess that makes you a ... fucker? XD
  • xeronicus
    xeronicus 2 years ago Tatra makes a good truck
  • Son-of God
    Son-of God 1 year ago Maxx Fata Russian trucks do not have as much power. Fact