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Скачать с ютуб Nino Ferrer - Looking For You (1974)

Опубликовано: 9 июл. 2010 г. 3 164 162 просмотра

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  • Nathaniel Francois Ojastro
    Nathaniel Francois Ojastro 10 months ago Not gonna lie. The cover art got me.
  • Lorenzo Cabason
    Lorenzo Cabason 9 months ago And THATS the beauty of vinyl
  • TheIllustriousFox
    TheIllustriousFox 9 months ago Not gonna lie. The cover art got me fired.
  • TheGP
    TheGP 9 months ago reciprocating social lobotomy yes but why she naked?
  • mirahsan2
    mirahsan2 9 months ago Same here, ebony ♥
  • vondahe
    vondahe 9 months ago Then you will love Jimi Hendrix’ Electric Ladyland album. Wonderful music. Wink wink, nudge nudge.
  • vondahe
    vondahe 9 months ago jogmas12 It was 1974. People loved to be naked and militant feminism still wasn’t born. Beautiful times, I tell you.
  • TheGP
    TheGP 9 months ago vondahe then why isn’t he naked?
  • De Ath Met Al Hell
    De Ath Met Al Hell 9 months ago @vondahe you dumb shit militant feminism was all over the place then
  • Real life Terminator
    Real life Terminator 9 months ago @vondahe your dumb ASF feminism came around the late 60s
  • T.M. D.R.
    T.M. D.R. 9 months ago You, me and every man (and woman for that matter) on earth.
  • Miguel Cruz
    Miguel Cruz 8 months ago @TheIllustriousFox how?? boss man busted u choking chicken??? you got issues dude!!
  • Bonnie Rabbit
    Bonnie Rabbit 8 months ago @De Ath Met Al Hell not as weird stupid and dumb like today
  • Xxxenaaa
    Xxxenaaa 8 months ago Got me thinkin "well ... Somebodies fuckin the overseer"
    INDIGO T.V. 8 months ago Haha. Black women are something else eh?
  • Dennis Hodgson
    Dennis Hodgson 8 months ago Same
  • Xxxenaaa
    Xxxenaaa 8 months ago @vondahe first of all i KNOW what youre getting at and the middle eastern CORPRAPHILES (google it) aint fucking the "purple hairs"... They do that to the white women. Because thier fathers imperialized (DESTROYED) the world . RELAX.
  • leonlouis1
    leonlouis1 8 months ago I thought 4chan users hate them niggas so much, rather see them get whipped
  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 8 months ago Do you guys not realize how incredibly racist this is?
  • Earheart Hush-up
    Earheart Hush-up 8 months ago Oh yeah yeah Yeah nothing more racist than.... people of other races loving each other??
  • Mista O
    Mista O 7 months ago me toi
  • Mista O
    Mista O 7 months ago @0121 yup
  • Brandon Donnelly
    Brandon Donnelly 7 months ago @Oh yeah yeah it's mildly racist lol calm down
  • Ed Esteezy
    Ed Esteezy 7 months ago I hate it but I love the music
  • Umbrella Corporation
    Umbrella Corporation 7 months ago @De Ath Met Al Hell Where was the mass censorship?
  • Justin Hayes
    Justin Hayes 7 months ago vondahe u just keep digging deeper and sound like a real douche who’s made at the world prob cause you still live in your moms basement. You were wrong. Suck it up. And you seem to have the brain and maturity of a 12 year old. What a tool. Maybe you don’t but I love the ladies in all varieties and respect those who stand up for themselves and their rights. And purple hair and tattoos don’t change a thing. Just hate guys like you who act like your world view is the only acceptable one. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤫
  • Jerry Jazzbo
    Jerry Jazzbo 7 months ago Hahaha...I didn't notice she was naked till you mentioned this.
  • Jada Hall
    Jada Hall 6 months ago Real shit haha
  • 7God, Da Homie
    7God, Da Homie 6 months ago This cover art is fuckin racist and those that like it shall choke and die on a dick
  • Ano Nony
    Ano Nony 6 months ago (edited) @7God, Da Homie do you know who she is? Do you know the story behind how she ended up on this album? Because if not why are you making assumptions? Her name is on the cover, she is singing with him. For all you know she was the one who chose this cover art. Stop seeing the worst in everything and you might become a happy person
  • 6 months ago (edited) Yes, she is a very beautiful and talented woman.
  • Rotary Junkie
    Rotary Junkie 6 months ago Same, lol she's smoking hot
  • Clever Metaphor
    Clever Metaphor 6 months ago @7God, Da Homie hey your uploads are awesome... I just wanted to say tho, I think those people in the picture have a lot of love for each other... but maybe you're right. Who knows
  • 7God, Da Homie
    7God, Da Homie 6 months ago @Clever Metaphor thank you brother ✊🏿
  • it'sMe TheHerpes
    it'sMe TheHerpes 5 months ago so you're into bestiality ?
  • Clever Metaphor
    Clever Metaphor 5 months ago @it'sMe TheHerpes I'm guessing your dad was
  • 7God, Da Homie
    7God, Da Homie 5 months ago @it'sMe TheHerpes TF are you talking about
  • Guy Salva
    Guy Salva 5 months ago She is Mia Fryes mother.
  • Renee White
    Renee White 5 months ago (edited) Like the song. But the album art sucks. Like a slave master in a plantation with his trophy. No I'm not racist. It is what it is. Sistas Why isnt his shirt off or something. Exploitation
  • Slappy
    Slappy 5 months ago @Oh yeah yeah Maybe it's just that giant stick you've got up your ass.
  • Slappy
    Slappy 5 months ago @7God, Da Homie You don't get invited to many parties, do you?
  • 7God, Da Homie
    7God, Da Homie 5 months ago @Slappy I do but I be too busy in ya momma throat
  • TheGP
    TheGP 5 months ago (edited) reciprocating social lobotomy I don’t know, it’s hard for me to concentrate on the music with a naked lady on the album cover.
  • Holt Carlton
    Holt Carlton 4 months ago Ohio players honey, fire, skintight. The music fits the time, so does the cover art. Kill the race baiting. It actually celebrates women of color.
  • 7God, Da Homie
    7God, Da Homie 4 months ago @Holt Carlton says a guy named Holt
  • TheGP
    TheGP 4 months ago Holt Carlton Renee has a point. Black women were exploited sexually during slavery. And every continent that the white man colonized the women of color were exploited and raped. Some locked up in cages and used as sex slaves.
  • James Multimedia
    James Multimedia 4 months ago me three
  • Joca Jabberwocky
    Joca Jabberwocky 4 months ago @TheGP why not?
  • TheGP
    TheGP 4 months ago Juca Jabberwocky why ask why?
    HENRI LACANNE 4 months ago @7God, Da Homie fuck you
  • 20 20
    20 20 4 months ago True 😍
  • Tactical Panda
    Tactical Panda 4 months ago Fucking SJW has to come in and fucking ruin everything. If you don’t like the cover then just fuck right off. We dont need your kind here.
  • Nick G
    Nick G 4 months ago @Renee White Are you aware that its just you and your ilk that see that? Stop the victim mentality bullcrap. These were definitely better times without stupid blame culture where all people could get along and have fun if they wanted
  • bmarkovic79
    bmarkovic79 3 months ago Oh dear, it's a SJW fest here. Well, if you do research into this it will turn out Radiah Fyre was recently divorced in this era, was naked on the cover of her own solo LP (as well as on a lot of her own publicity photos from the era) so I kinda doubt the idea of her showing off her beauty like this was anyone else's but hers.
  • Joey Dyker
    Joey Dyker 3 months ago The music is the important part but music videos and album art are what make you listen when you have no other reason to.
  • Daniel Roig
    Daniel Roig 3 months ago That's what sold the records back in the day. Not the music.
  • Rashad Jones
    Rashad Jones 3 months ago facts!
  • Tent Ringer
    Tent Ringer 3 months ago It is a nice bush
  • Ortaiηe Ðeviaη
    Ortaiηe Ðeviaη 3 months ago I don't think you'd be human if it didn't.
  • JOnTHeMOnSoon
    JOnTHeMOnSoon 3 months ago That cover is racist 🖕🏽
  • Ortaiηe Ðeviaη
    Ortaiηe Ðeviaη 3 months ago @JOnTHeMOnSoon What isn't racist? Even non-racism is racist! The whole freakin' world is racist!
  • Grace Grace
    Grace Grace 3 months ago Me too. I think I might start selling my SELF...... like this.
  • K_Teck
    K_Teck 2 months ago 🤔 plantation owner, on a plantation, with a Afro-American naked woman. ...? okeeeyyyyy..... 😅
  • cadillacstr8mk
    cadillacstr8mk 2 months ago 😂😂
  • Mazikim Lila
    Mazikim Lila 2 months ago @Earheart Hush-up 🎯🌍❤🌏💓🌏💕💖
    DONALD CLYBURN 2 months ago @TheGP Ever heard of click bait?
  • TheGP
    TheGP 2 months ago DONALD CLYBURN of course but this album cover was created in the 70s way before click bait could be applied to a format like YouTube because the internet was not invented yet for public use.
  • Shaka
    Shaka 2 months ago You and a few million others!
  • Derek Davis
    Derek Davis 2 months ago Same! 🤣
  • Nicholas Painter
    Nicholas Painter 2 months ago Not gonna lie, the cover art is racist. If you don't get it you're probably white.
  • Rafael Ferreira
    Rafael Ferreira 2 months ago I only came here because of that chick lmao
  • Lean like a Cholo
    Lean like a Cholo 2 months ago @K_Teck It's very telling that that's what you see.
  • Lean like a Cholo
    Lean like a Cholo 2 months ago (edited) @Nicholas Painter Says the white racist.
  • K_Teck
    K_Teck 2 months ago @Lean like a Cholo yeah it's telling, my optician, unlike yours, does a good job
  • Nancy Williams
    Nancy Williams 2 months ago @TheGP Because she is black and objectified
  • Lean like a Cholo
    Lean like a Cholo 2 months ago @Nancy Williams You're racist.
  • dandagod official
    dandagod official 2 months ago Real life Terminator incel niggas blame everything on feminism
  • dandagod official
    dandagod official 2 months ago Jaco Brown fuck you bitch ass nigga, I bet my life you are some little white troll cosplaying
  • dandagod official
    dandagod official 2 months ago Nancy Williams racist ass bitch
  • Taj adil
    Taj adil 2 months ago @Oh yeah yeah Theres naked women on so many albums in the 70's even white ones.
  • Taj adil
    Taj adil 2 months ago @7God, Da Homie I have never read a more brainless response in my entire life
  • Taj adil
    Taj adil 2 months ago @Renee White I think americans are overly dramatic and take everything out of context, you people always assume the worst, get a life and lighten up, slavery was in the past.
    IWANNA SMOOVIE 2 months ago I love but mostly not love the cover art.
  • Cesar Pires
    Cesar Pires 2 months ago @Xxxenaaa even google doesnt know what CORPRAPHILES is what the heck ??
  • Tyler F
    Tyler F 2 months ago here for comments about the cover art ;)
  • ashish018690
    ashish018690 2 months ago that cover would have got banned in todays time
  • Lolli c
    Lolli c 1 month ago And the song turned out to be good I'm sorry i haven't heard thi sooner
  • Lolli c
    Lolli c 1 month ago @TheGP lol
  • Lífþrasir Loðbróka
    Lífþrasir Loðbróka 1 month ago (edited) @JOnTHeMOnSoon this was a different time. Also Nino &Radiah were french. Europe did not have the same level of racism back then as in the states. Think. Eartha kitt was investigated by the sea eye ayy and sent away. She went to France. It was not uncommon to see mixed race couples in the 1940s and 50s in Europe. If this was an American album cover I'd agree that it's racist. But France was a whole different type of place. The album cover is about free love. People need a history lesson.
  • Lífþrasir Loðbróka
    Lífþrasir Loðbróka 1 month ago @K_Teck they're not American. They're french.
  • Lífþrasir Loðbróka
    Lífþrasir Loðbróka 1 month ago @Nicholas Painter they're not American. France didn't have that level of racism in the 70s.
  • Lífþrasir Loðbróka
    Lífþrasir Loðbróka 1 month ago @Nancy Williams she was probably happy as hell to be singing with Nico. They're not American. They're french Europe did not have that level of racism back then , that they had in America
  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez 1 month ago No shit
  • wihikers
    wihikers 1 month ago She's gorgeous.
    LOBO WOLF 1 month ago @TheGP I think everybody ran around naked in those days
  • DB Cooper's MoneyBags
    DB Cooper's MoneyBags 1 month ago @TheGP You're joking right? It's the fuckin 70s everyone was naked ffs.
  • DB Cooper's MoneyBags
    DB Cooper's MoneyBags 1 month ago @7God, Da Homie All you did was come off like a little baby back bitch in your comments.
  • DB Cooper's MoneyBags
    DB Cooper's MoneyBags 1 month ago @Nicholas Painter Funny because if you look it up she was recently divorced at that time and did her own album cover naked is that racist too?
  • Patrick Phokoane
    Patrick Phokoane 1 month ago Women exploitation started long time ago
  • Patrick Phokoane
    Patrick Phokoane 1 month ago @Oh yeah yeah true exploitation of black women
  • ikea boy
    ikea boy 1 month ago Pervert
  • byss biscit
    byss biscit 1 month ago thats not art its trash
  • Dan
  • Dan
    Dan 1 month ago @mirahsan2 radiah frye
  • Yasi
    Yasi 1 month ago @byss biscit you know nothing of art😕 sad but true
  • Pod Lou
    Pod Lou 1 month ago @Tyler F 😂🤣😂
  • william woods
    william woods 1 month ago TheGP To get your worked didn’t it? By the way if not for the cover I never would have heard what turned out to be a nice tune.
  • Revolvin Goatt
    Revolvin Goatt 1 month ago @Real life Terminator does something "come around" when it is first born or when it is fully blossomed?
  • yamabushi170
    yamabushi170 1 month ago He's hot stuff to be sure
  • zzyzx686
    zzyzx686 1 month ago @vondahe Exactly what I was thinking! We fought for the freedom of the "first" seventies, we need to bring back a new "seventies" right now.
  • D-Beat & Techno
    D-Beat & Techno 4 weeks ago Not gonna lie.... I hate people who start their sentences with that. Hive mind of dumbed down independent thought
  • Åłäñ ëåtš Åšš
    Åłäñ ëåtš Åšš 3 weeks ago TheGP he’s the artist lmao I would do the same thing why would I get naked... the mans into black girls before it was cool let him be
  • Åłäñ ëåtš Åšš
    Åłäñ ëåtš Åšš 3 weeks ago Jaco Brown sensitive little bitch, you’re the same type of moron who sees a 15 second clip and jumps to conclusions instead of knowing the whole story
  • Sean Micek
    Sean Micek 3 weeks ago Not gonna lie, the username got me
  • einsof
    einsof 2 weeks ago wallah biraz öyle oldu ya :sss
  • Mykel Miazio
    Mykel Miazio 2 weeks ago @Ano Nony the album artwork is usually not the work of the musicians. This is most likely a marketing gimmick. Naked chicks move albums.
  • Guardian
    Guardian 1 year ago This the most playa album cover I’ve seen shoutout the YouTube algorithms for recommending this I high asf right now 😂😂😂😂
  • Jacob Nichols
    Jacob Nichols 1 year ago Guardian me too lol
  • Joseph Kadzielawski
    Joseph Kadzielawski 1 year ago yo s/o youtube
  • Emmitt Wilson IV
    Emmitt Wilson IV 1 year ago 👌🏾😁
  • adam jop
    adam jop 11 months ago I need some mates who listen to stuff like that when high :D
  • G P
    G P 11 months ago Preach
  • Caleb Yost
    Caleb Yost 11 months ago man straight upp
  • Esoterick Soul
    Esoterick Soul 11 months ago Meee toooo my nigga apparently we was all subconsciously looking for him too.
  • Welhy Nole
    Welhy Nole 11 months ago (edited) I’m not racist man but it looks kinda racist even though I doubt that was the intention. Fully naked black women leaning on a fully clothed white man. Alittle weird right? I don’t really like it should of clothed the women or unclothed the man haha
  • Esoterick Soul
    Esoterick Soul 11 months ago @Welhy Nole i don't think so this man this dude is french firstly and idk how racist they are but it doesn't come across like that to me especially after hearing the albulm
  • Welhy Nole
    Welhy Nole 11 months ago (edited) Esoterick Soul yea I think the dude might be so not racist that he doesn’t even see the racism on the cover lol. Which is a good thing haha. Maybe he just likes black women, But idk the cover definitely looks strange
  • TheCullousus
    TheCullousus 11 months ago @Welhy Nole he had a huge respect for black people so much so he wanted to say on the album he wished he was black.
  • z baker
    z baker 11 months ago 100% it’s 420 rn
  • Welhy Nole
    Welhy Nole 11 months ago z baker hell yea
  • z j
    z j 11 months ago @Welhy Nole i really doubt, maybe its his wife and he just flexin cause his hot wife
  • Leonard Brown
    Leonard Brown 11 months ago Haha u said it!!!
  • Josip Hrgovic
    Josip Hrgovic 11 months ago Man I would like your comment but you have 420 likes😂
  • Trevor Z
    Trevor Z 11 months ago hell yeah dude
  • Boem
    Boem 11 months ago Guardian same
  • Elia Quadri
    Elia Quadri 10 months ago same here hahah
  • Alexis Madrius
    Alexis Madrius 10 months ago Guardian lmao
  • Alexis Madrius
    Alexis Madrius 10 months ago Aardvark 52 dude shutup
  • JJ
    JJ 10 months ago Yo for real though I'm over here like wtf is up with this random song that I love so much right now and was not at all expecting in my life.
  • ً
    ً 9 months ago @Welhy Nole sounds like you're uncomfortable with a white guy having a black gf.. bit racist chief
  • SlayVid G
    SlayVid G 9 months ago Gay ass generation don't know how to appreciate anything. Your comments are pathetic. ... Right? 2008 Anyone?.... gay.
  • Eve Angile
    Eve Angile 9 months ago @Esoterick Soul Nino était Italien. Il est devenu français en 1989 pour le bicentenaire de la Révolution Française.
  • Stacy Large
    Stacy Large 9 months ago @JJ im with you its infectious go italia whole album is unforgetable check it out...
  • H Holland
    H Holland 9 months ago Welhy Nole she looks way more confident than him! Perceptions...
  • ZZEB
    ZZEB 9 months ago @Esoterick Soul if you had a just a small knowledge of history your would know about the relationship between the French and West Afrikan countries is one of murder, rape and total exploitation, and with all that being said, guess who was doin the fuckin?
  • ZZEB
    ZZEB 9 months ago @Welhy Nole your right
  • lalo jimenez
    lalo jimenez 9 months ago Word i just found it
  • VoluntaryismIsTheAnswer
    VoluntaryismIsTheAnswer 9 months ago So that's the common thread lol
  • Sebastian Allen
    Sebastian Allen 9 months ago Looks kinda plantationish
  • Soul Javalin Spear
    Soul Javalin Spear 9 months ago @Welhy Nole definitely looks slavishly done
  • Memz Beats
    Memz Beats 9 months ago hahahah!!!!!!!!
  • bhk1105
    bhk1105 8 months ago @esotetick, learn your history! Europeans and specifically the French are EXTREMELY racist
  • Davi Lu
    Davi Lu 8 months ago Looking at your profile picture you should know it, but yeah, check out the cover Hendrix originally wanted for Electric Ladyland ))
  • David Dopka
    David Dopka 8 months ago I don’t like this why is he specifically got a black lady in his pic. Either branding or an asshole
  • fntime
    fntime 8 months ago Guardian, you are right. :) Found this on an eclectic playlist filled with lost classics & hidden gems. Different styles & eras. Songs added daily. Hope you & all enjoy~
  • ante ante
    ante ante 8 months ago Smokin and cruisin through the youtube nice
  • Yeshua Aaron
    Yeshua Aaron 8 months ago Guardian fax 💉💉💉
  • joseph porter
    joseph porter 7 months ago Obviously you never heard of Marvin Sease
  • Ricardo Cadet
    Ricardo Cadet 7 months ago That could be a overseer and his slave 😒
  • johnny walker
    johnny walker 6 months ago His wife
  • Joey Dyker
    Joey Dyker 3 months ago Youtube suggestion that also wasnt wrong. Album art sold me on both of these.
  • Nick Cav
    Nick Cav 2 weeks ago same
  • Pnyce S
    Pnyce S 1 week ago Me Too
  • Wallace Smith
    Wallace Smith 10 months ago (edited) Gardener: What would you like to plant ? Me: Sistas ...
  • MAG
    MAG 9 months ago Wallace Smith gardener
  • Wallace Smith
    Wallace Smith 9 months ago @MAG thank you
  • MAG
    MAG 9 months ago Wallace Smith fasho my g
  • Rox
    Rox 8 months ago 😂😂😂👌
  • Lil. Ms.J
    Lil. Ms.J 8 months ago 🤣🤣🤣
  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams 8 months ago Yup😊
  • Johnny Khomlately
    Johnny Khomlately 6 months ago LOL! Many many sistahs. As far as the eye can see......
  • Rose Orchard
    Rose Orchard 6 months ago Lmbooo
  • Nikierra Myers
    Nikierra Myers 5 months ago Hot mess 🤣🤣🤣
  • Timpson Warren
    Timpson Warren 4 months ago 😂
  • John Chase
    John Chase 4 months ago Amen
  • Blair Sadewitz
    Blair Sadewitz 2 months ago Lol, best comment.
  • aron ra dillahunty for God
    aron ra dillahunty for God 1 month ago I'll work in the fields
    D THE CHEMIST 11 months ago Sista bad AF on that cover
  • Johnny Waves
    Johnny Waves 10 months ago D The Chemist noo cap
    FRED SMARTSTONE 8 months ago Natural beauty. During a time when food was more healthy and didn’t have all the bullshit it has in it now.
  • Langdon C
    Langdon C 8 months ago D The Chemist she’s probably in a nursing home now
    GNTRY 8 months ago Radiah Frye
  • A.A.Ron Davis
    A.A.Ron Davis 8 months ago @FRED SMARTSTONE ignorance is bliss, huh? There have been chubby and fat people since the dawn of time. In fact, around the mid 1800's, chubby or "full-figured" was the desired body type. She is just a healthy woman. The only difference now is that the ability to become fat is way easier.
    FRED SMARTSTONE 8 months ago Food is more unhealthy for you [email protected] Davis Straight facts G. Certain antibiotics don’t even work on us now because of the steroids they inject in animals now. In other words a overweight person back then was more healthy than a overweight person now. So ignorance is not bliss. Just you.
  • Zoubeir Faouzi
    Zoubeir Faouzi 7 months ago Sister is slutty as fuck hahaha
  • Brandon Donnelly
    Brandon Donnelly 7 months ago @FRED SMARTSTONE lmaoooo or was it the moon being brighter and the cereal not having Mercury in it
    FRED SMARTSTONE 7 months ago Stay off the drugs [email protected] Donnelly
  • Dalena Santana
    Dalena Santana 7 months ago 666 as the devil, in the story was an angel too. You know you got this as she did too. Love is the only way to move forward, together.
  • johnny walker
    johnny walker 6 months ago It's his wife
  • Schrodinger's GAT
    Schrodinger's GAT 6 months ago "Your grandmama was a model back in the day." " No way,for real?" says the 15 year old kid. "Yeah. She did the cover of some album...huh? it"s not here?" kid's mind flashes to the vinyl under his bed...
  • Renee White
    Renee White 5 months ago Like your comment. Coming from a sista. I thought kinda negative at first. If big daddy got it like that HES A BAD MOTHA. COOL
  • Алексей Чуйко
    Алексей Чуйко 3 months ago @FRED SMARTSTONE and sun was more shiny and grass more greeny
  • Socucius Ergalla
    Socucius Ergalla 2 months ago @FRED SMARTSTONE antibiotic resistance has absolutely nothing to do with steroids. They are often prescribed together but serve two completely different functions.
  • blkpanther11
    blkpanther11 2 months ago Facts Brother
  • Jonathan Long
    Jonathan Long 2 months ago Blind AF
  • Dami
    Dami 2 months ago You're dumb
  • Super Smash
    Super Smash 2 months ago @A.A.Ron Davis What you are proposing is that food hasn't changed in over 200 years. Nothing could be further from the truth. It doesn't take a genius to figure this out, either. We eat more processed foods, more preservatives, and the ways that we manipulate and control the entire process is far different. There are many foods now that didn't exist 100 years ago, some that don't resemble what they used to (look at watermelons as a good example). And what we do to livestock on factory farms is shocking and disgusting, and has definitely had negative effects on our health. Our soil, too, has changed, as overfarming has leeched nutrients from the earth that either aren't replaced or replaced with lab-created chemicals.
  • Ndea Monk
    Ndea Monk 2 months ago @Langdon C so
  • Rob Hart
    Rob Hart 2 months ago FACTS 💯💯!!
  • Billy Brothers
    Billy Brothers 1 month ago @A.A.Ron Davis I definitely wouldn't say since the beginning of time. For the majority of human existence, we have been starving.
  • C Burch
    C Burch 1 month ago Ikr
  • Manuel Luna
    Manuel Luna 1 month ago Fuck yeah she is..... was the only reason I clicked on this video lol.....
  • username
    username 1 month ago @johnny walker w?
  • Umbrella Corporation
    Umbrella Corporation 1 month ago She gettin that BWC!!
  • Jade Lately
    Jade Lately 1 month ago @Zoubeir Faouzi why... because shes nude? Lol. Were you not born nude
  • Last1 Left254
    Last1 Left254 5 days ago D THE CHEMIST nah she isn’t no “sista” of ours bedbucking even back then smh....
  • rigid w
    rigid w 2 years ago youtube knows me better than I know myself.
  • erock755
    erock755 1 year ago rigid w ikr y haven't I heard this before
  • Rodrigo Muñoz Marmolejo
    Rodrigo Muñoz Marmolejo 1 year ago indeed
  • Helmholtz
    Helmholtz 1 year ago That's not a good thing.
  • Blah Blah Co.
    Blah Blah Co. 1 year ago captain buzzkill
  • Sr Lokachote
    Sr Lokachote 1 year ago Same
  • fntime
    fntime 1 year ago Obey Big Brother!
  • Rébecca Guittet
    Rébecca Guittet 1 year ago Induction
  • TheLMJVG
    TheLMJVG 11 months ago Dude got 12 years worth of data on here it pretty much knows me now!
  • mricardo96
    mricardo96 11 months ago Google knows everything about ya haha
  • lalo jimenez
    lalo jimenez 9 months ago Touche!
  • Rothscliff
    Rothscliff 9 months ago thats kinda creepy.
  • Walian Laian
    Walian Laian 7 months ago @Rodrigo Muñoz Marmolejo Same last name dude, where are u from?
  • Walian Laian
    Walian Laian 7 months ago A deep thinking...
  • Rodrigo Muñoz
    Rodrigo Muñoz 7 months ago Mateo marmolejo Chile! And you? Here is far from being common
  • Ines Ferretti
    Ines Ferretti 6 months ago Sure thing, I was playing something way different and suddenly this appeared.
  • Timpson Warren
    Timpson Warren 4 months ago Ain't dat wonderful
  • Denis Black
    Denis Black 4 months ago that was the idea
  • gustavo alvarado durand
    gustavo alvarado durand 3 months ago A mí también
  • cadillacstr8mk
    cadillacstr8mk 2 months ago 😂😂😂
  • some one
    some one 1 month ago Hope you'll understand yourself better.
  • Aya Elturkyy
    Aya Elturkyy 1 month ago ❤️
  • SpaccaSpecchi
    SpaccaSpecchi 11 months ago Everyone talking 'bout the girl, but, damn, that's a fine hat if I've ever seen one.
  • Troy Walker The Progressive Proletarian
    Troy Walker The Progressive Proletarian 10 months ago 😏
  • Ivan Georgiev
    Ivan Georgiev 10 months ago nigga you gay
  • Burnt Feridgerator
    Burnt Feridgerator 10 months ago @Ivan Georgiev talking about a hat isnt gay
  • TheFabledWolf
    TheFabledWolf 9 months ago Dont sleep on that ascot either
  • Buzz Me Mulatto
    Buzz Me Mulatto 9 months ago Burnt Feridgerator its hatsexual
  • Burnt Feridgerator
    Burnt Feridgerator 9 months ago @Buzz Me Mulatto oh shit u right
  • Noname
    Noname 9 months ago You surely overlooked the ascot my good man
  • itaintmebabe714
    itaintmebabe714 8 months ago 😂 😂 😂 😂
  • Michael
    Michael 8 months ago @TheFabledWolf lol
  • Joe Woodard
    Joe Woodard 8 months ago Lol
  • abadani56
    abadani56 7 months ago The way he ties his neck chief, how well his jacket fits over the shoulders and waist, the whole outfit is pure effortless cool!
  • Rose Orchard
    Rose Orchard 6 months ago Lols!
  • Palawan jungle life
    Palawan jungle life 4 months ago Like the cool way she looks at me
  • Deemememe
    Deemememe 4 months ago Now imagine the girl wearing the hat!
  • Deemememe
    Deemememe 4 months ago Ivan Georgiev gay guys are always picking out other gays
  • K August
    K August 4 months ago Think I need to start wearing ascots...
  • heckthetutors13
    heckthetutors13 3 months ago SpaccaSpecchi indubitably
  • BAEtheist BAEtheist
    BAEtheist BAEtheist 3 months ago This comment made me spit out my juice
  • Lífþrasir Loðbróka
    Lífþrasir Loðbróka 2 months ago Nice cravat also
  • C Burch
    C Burch 1 month ago Hat is on point
  • elwrongo
    elwrongo 1 month ago mmm a hatrasexual
  • bill neath
    bill neath 1 month ago A unique LP cover, i like it!
  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 weeks ago Y'all talkin' 'bout his hat but I ain't seen no one talkin' 'bout that rockin' orange scarf-tie.
  • Tae Jun
    Tae Jun 1 year ago um, she is FINE
  • Rexx Seven
    Rexx Seven 11 months ago (edited) .although in question
  • MC Zappa
    MC Zappa 11 months ago @Rexx Seven it could be bad angles
  • Rexx Seven
    Rexx Seven 11 months ago @MC Zappa I wish that it was.
  • MC Zappa
    MC Zappa 11 months ago @Rexx Seven damn! You got really good powers of observation. Been listening to this for several years and never noticed
  • MC Zappa
    MC Zappa 11 months ago @Rexx Seven damn, you actually made a video on it? Respect. Subscribed.
  • Rexx Seven
    Rexx Seven 11 months ago @MC Zappa I really appreciate you taking the time to watch my video. And thank you for your subscription I'm glad that you enjoyed the video.
  • MC Zappa
    MC Zappa 11 months ago @Rexx Seven hey no problem man. Thank you for speakin up when you saw somethin 💯
  • Epo
    Epo 11 months ago @Rexx Seven ummm...
  • itsthefreshmen
    itsthefreshmen 11 months ago @MC Zappa No he doesn't have great powers of observation. She's a woman. She modeled and even did some softcore porn my guy, nothing masculine or fake about her natural b-cup breast lol. This dude is making some out-there speculations on just one photo when she's VERY google-able lol. All woman, don't worry. She gave BIRTH to her daughter Mia Frye.
  • Theodore Atkinson
    Theodore Atkinson 11 months ago @Rexx Seven oh fuck the transvestigators have infiltrated out music
  • blacksultan85
    blacksultan85 11 months ago Tae Jun that sexy lady is singer Radiah Frye
  • M E
    M E 11 months ago Don't listen to Rexx Seven, he's a black guy who is trying to discredit a black woman bc he views her as a "bedwench" for being with a nonblack man. Jealous much, Rex? 😂
  • Little Kettle
    Little Kettle 11 months ago Rexx Seven women can have masculine features too you nugget.
  • C whippz
    C whippz 11 months ago @Rexx Seven Dude your fuckin stupid as fuck lol and the other dumbass for believing made a video about it?? lol wtf?? dude subscribed too??? GTFOH couple of fuckin retards!!!
  • 0o I Died In A Time Machine o0
    0o I Died In A Time Machine o0 10 months ago (edited) @Rexx Seven you're weird as fuck dude.. lmao all sitting around for hours on end examining pictures trying to "prove" that certain women are really men. you're obsessed!
  • AirMan928
    AirMan928 10 months ago @Rexx Seven this is embarrassing lol. Delete this comment
  • Yuo
    Yuo 10 months ago @Rexx Seven I'm a woman and my shoulders aren't that sloped. Also her hands aren't that interesting they look pretty normal. Nothing wrong with having a small butt. Small butts are cute too.
  • Batman
    Batman 9 months ago I’m kinda sad that Rexx’s comment was edited. I wanna know what he said.
  • Bearded Jagger
    Bearded Jagger 9 months ago @Batman Pretty sure he was claiming the she on the album cover was a he. Really not sure where he got that idea.
  • Batman
    Batman 9 months ago Bearded Jagger yeah I think so too. He’s an idiot haha. She’s clearly a woman
  • Water
    Water 5 months ago Rexx Seven is actually my bf. I’m a black guy.
  • Dannynorw
    Dannynorw 4 months ago Fine black girls seek white men. Fact
  • pickzkickz
    pickzkickz 3 weeks ago Not anymore I'm
  • Incredible Eric
    Incredible Eric 11 months ago Clicked for the cover, stayed for music
  • The Jester's Choice
    The Jester's Choice 3 months ago me too!
  • Jack Tripper
    Jack Tripper 3 months ago Me 3 ✌😊 ☝
  • username
    username 1 month ago 4
  • Captain Freedom
    Captain Freedom 2 years ago (edited) "So I got to thinking, Why doesn't MY vineyard have naked black women with giant afros?" - Nino Ferrer
  • Timothée Sadowski
    Timothée Sadowski 1 year ago This doesn't look like a vineyard
  • PINK Table Talk TV
    PINK Table Talk TV 11 months ago Plantation,most likely?.
  • Leoness Butterfly
    Leoness Butterfly 11 months ago Bc slavery is illegal lol.
    DYDINIE! 11 months ago Cotton field *
  • Lost Jockey
    Lost Jockey 10 months ago You can clearly see the fence and branches at the bottom. Its just a hedgerow guys, calm down.
  • Absurd Hero
    Absurd Hero 10 months ago @Frank Wilson that's exactly what I thought too, but this will go right over people's heads 🤦🏾‍♂️
  • Robin Dear
    Robin Dear 10 months ago I thought the entire album, including the name and the picture on the cover, was essentially a satirical ode to the old South, erm, I mean the Ole South.
  • S A
    S A 9 months ago Evey comment under the OP is wack. Not that racist lol. It's just a album cover, get over that ego trip mate.
  • beccahday
    beccahday 9 months ago @S A imbecilic comment from a blatantly non-black person. dude, you don't know shit. fall back.
  • Daniel Valadez
    Daniel Valadez 9 months ago beccahday how tf is it racist. Tell me what is racist about it.
  • beccahday
    beccahday 9 months ago @Daniel Valadez dude... i'm guessing you're in junior high school, and haven't made it through some basic us history classes yet at the high school or college levels. it's not my responsibility to educate the ignorant. please, if you're not a kid, which is how you sound, educate yourself.
  • Daniel Valadez
    Daniel Valadez 9 months ago beccahday you failed to explain why it’s racist. I can’t see not one thing that the pictures implies is racist.
  • Daniel Valadez
    Daniel Valadez 9 months ago beccahday all you did was say it’s racist with nothing to back it up dumbass. And you’re here acting hella educated and making judgements 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Tony Arcieri
    Tony Arcieri 8 months ago It’s funny that a white man with a black woman is somehow ”racist” but the roles reversed isn’t? These asshats are the racists themselves. Italian people didn’t have plantations anyway. Nino Ferrer was Italian by birth.
  • Funk O'Matic
    Funk O'Matic 8 months ago 😄😄😄😄😄
  • Business Straight business
    Business Straight business 8 months ago 😂😂😂😂 so when I fuck white women, white dudes shouldn't have anything to say . You should go to my x videos page and read all the racist shit white males .
  • J Jimenez
    J Jimenez 8 months ago with blackjack and hookers
  • 0121
    0121 8 months ago Because they all ware weaves now haha
  • Ablk Queen
    Ablk Queen 8 months ago Not all!
  • PJ Gardner
    PJ Gardner 7 months ago @Daniel Valadez a clothed neanderthal and a naked Nubian! How would you see it if it were... let's say a Mandingo and a female neanderthal?
  • Destin Adams
    Destin Adams 7 months ago @beccahday You're a pussy
  • Gary Suarez
    Gary Suarez 5 months ago Why indeed?
  • Dannynorw
    Dannynorw 4 months ago @Leoness Butterfly she came on her own wanting that white cock ;) like they all do
  • Dannynorw
    Dannynorw 4 months ago @Robin Dear fake news u racist clown.
  • Dannynorw
    Dannynorw 4 months ago @beccahday lmao u dont know shit mr low iq boi.
  • Dannynorw
    Dannynorw 4 months ago @beccahday whhahaha u just exposed urself as a mindfucked sjw fooled by the antiwhite white guilt american bullshit system. Ur a complete and utter moron and clearly a racist nigga. Shut ur pathetic mouth and let intelligent ppl speak u foool
  • Dannynorw
    Dannynorw 4 months ago @Daniel Valadez hes a typical black supremacist. Theyr basicly like far leftist sjw. They just talk shit and cant prove a single point. The least intelligent ppl on earth
  • Dannynorw
    Dannynorw 4 months ago @Business Straight business u should go to my xvideos page and see all the racist shit blacks say over my superior huge white cock fucking these black hoes better than Any of them 😂
  • Dannynorw
    Dannynorw 4 months ago @PJ Gardner mandigo is one man who got smaller penis than the 5ft9 white english man who holds the record ;) haha blavks are so insecure they refer to porn who recruited the biggest dicks of Black men to create a myth. Most blacks got small dicks, ive fuckdd so many Black chicks and now they know the truth ;]
  • LowEnd31st
    LowEnd31st 2 months ago Business Straight business goes both ways... You hear the darndest things as a white guy who only dates black women 😂
  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger 2 months ago Definitely got cotton field vibes from this lol but at the same time there's a sort of earthy sexy and romantic aura that permeates my vision when i see it while simultaneously listening to the song.
  • Khyrid
    Khyrid 2 months ago I've seen a lot of girls with that same outfit.
  • Jacob E.
    Jacob E. 1 month ago Khyrid ik what you mean
  • Brain Drain
    Brain Drain 3 weeks ago They shop at the same place as my girlfriends
  • Stor Bokki
    Stor Bokki 1 week ago aren't we all born with a birthday suit?
  • Doris Leyba
    Doris Leyba 5 months ago (edited) ......... she has a name 💗Radiah Frye💓 read up on her
  • Jarrett Rabon
    Jarrett Rabon 2 months ago Doris Leyba 👌🏼
  • Leslie Adams
    Leslie Adams 2 months ago Her daughter had a brief role on " The Fifth Element ", and she was on the Macarana video. With the red hair.
  • Lífþrasir Loðbróka
    Lífþrasir Loðbróka 1 month ago She had some amazing music :)
  • Mr. MadMan
    Mr. MadMan 1 month ago all it says in where shes from is united states, not a year or nothin
  • Vlad G
    Vlad G 1 month ago You're welcome!
  • Magic 8 Ball
    Magic 8 Ball 2 years ago Such a beautiful song from a man who killed himself. Sad
  • Hippolyte LE ROUTIER
    Hippolyte LE ROUTIER 1 year ago and he did so much as beautiful as this one
  • Nef Rig
    Nef Rig 11 months ago I was only thinking earlier that I should stop reading the comments until I have watched the video. I'm glad that YouTube understands I like good music
  • Egypt Nepthys
    Egypt Nepthys 11 months ago Probably cause he realized his nation are cursed for the destruction of indigenous peoples around the world.
  • darktriad
    darktriad 11 months ago @Egypt Nepthys stupid
  • Egypt Nepthys
    Egypt Nepthys 11 months ago (edited) darktriad Truth hurts huh?and the dark triad is definitely not you.
  • darktriad
    darktriad 11 months ago @Egypt Nepthys that statement only hurts because pure idiocy is hard on the mind
  • Egypt Nepthys
    Egypt Nepthys 11 months ago (edited) darktriad bitch, that album cover is an insult. So you can kiss my ass and ride back on the donkey you came in on. Your obsession with “darkness” is obvious.
  • darktriad
    darktriad 11 months ago @Egypt Nepthys haha you're just mad when a black woman exercises some autonomy and decides to get naked for an album cover. It's not my fault black men in america date white women so much, leaving black women for everyone else😋
  • TheCullousus
    TheCullousus 11 months ago I'm curious what drove him to do it as everyone has different motivations. If I had to guess he couldnt stand getting old the man had a castle and wasnt happy with life.
  • Ramon Ggg
    Ramon Ggg 11 months ago God i wish that were me
  • Fab Kay
    Fab Kay 11 months ago ​@Egypt Nepthys , regrettably you are revealing yourself as a racist. Or do you think racism only goes one way? It's a shame what our ancestors did, no question. But you can't blame the people of today for the past. You are generalizing only to maintain your sad mindstate. If you would open your eyes you could see that things are truly changing. Black and white people are in fact living together peacefully for the most part. Most people today are not racist. It doesn't mean that it's all good, i know there are still a lot of inequalities and injustices whithin our society which need to be removed. But we all have to work together to make a change. The whole concept of devaluating human beings because of their heritage and skintone is so disgusting. Humanity needs to overcome this for good. Do you want to be a part of the problem or a part of the solution?
  • Global Ambition Multi- Media TV
    Global Ambition Multi- Media TV 11 months ago darktriad we Cool. You can keep your White Whores and these Negro Bed Wenchesss.
  • Laquon Hudson
    Laquon Hudson 11 months ago darktriad that’s cool everyone knows white guys are simps anyway
  • Capekee
    Capekee 11 months ago Egypt Nepthys kek
  • David Marino
    David Marino 10 months ago @Egypt Nepthys niga stfu
  • RIP Mac Miller, you helped me with a lot
    RIP Mac Miller, you helped me with a lot 10 months ago Kinda messed up how this comment produced a train wreck of irrelevant BS.
  • Egypt Nepthys
    Egypt Nepthys 10 months ago Global Ambition Multi- Media TV I’m with you on that one.
  • Leonard Ney
    Leonard Ney 10 months ago "A couple of months after his mother died, Ferrer, on 13 August 1998, two days before his 64th birthday, took his hunting gun and walked to a field of wheat, recently cut, near the neighbouring village of Saint-Cyprien. There, he lay down in a grove nearby and shot himself in the chest.[1] His wife Kinou, with whom he had two sons, had already alerted the gendarmerie after finding a farewell letter in the house. Next day, there were front-page headlines in most French and Italian newspapers, such as "Adieu Nino!", "Nino Ferrer Hung Up His Telephone", "Our Nino Has Left for the South." They called him the Don Quixote and the Corto Maltese of French show business.[1]"
  • Pelikenesis
    Pelikenesis 10 months ago A lot of good musicians/artists do the same. Their art is often an outlet for expressing their inner turmoil. Sometimes being able to put all of it into art and music, maybe even becoming "great," still just isn't enough.
  • Sanctum Sanctorum
    Sanctum Sanctorum 10 months ago (edited) Egypt Nepthys “we”? Man, you ain’t done a damn thing and ain’t nobody with you on your journey into the racist abyss! Why don’t you get in your time machine and go back in time to become your own father? Then tell that dirty whore to abort the bastard!
  • Alessandro Delbianco
    Alessandro Delbianco 9 months ago @Egypt Nepthys reading your comments: just total delirium..why can't you just enjoy the song? Or the art in the cover? But no, you have to feel "offended" and needed to enlighten us with your cavemen theories😂😂😂 just take a deep breath and go fuck yourself🙏
  • DJ Koenig
    DJ Koenig 9 months ago @Egypt Nepthys Your hatred is caused by delusions and turned into a psychosis. Only by accepting you hold dear to lies can you free your mind and open your heart.
  • Buil Dinit
  • Buil Dinit
  • Buil Dinit
  • Buil Dinit
  • Egypt Nepthys
    Egypt Nepthys 9 months ago Sanctum Sanctorum haaaaaahaaaaa, abortion huh? I think that’s why they are overturning those abortions laws across the country because too many pale hybrids are aborting their pale hybrid bastards because they are absolutely sick of you pale bastards. Well, it won’t help your numbers because you pale males are now sterile at an alarming rate across America. I think God wants you bastards gone.
  • Egypt Nepthys
    Egypt Nepthys 9 months ago Alessandro Delbianco so says the caveman. Knuckle dragging PreAdamic beast of the field.
  • Egypt Nepthys
    Egypt Nepthys 9 months ago Buil Dinit God judges nations and yours is now in the spotlight. So you truly are an idiot. Check the weather lately? An umbrella won’t help you for what’s coming down the pipeline.
  • Egypt Nepthys
    Egypt Nepthys 9 months ago (edited) Buil Dinit shooting our own kind in the streets? Brah you pale bastards go around the world shooting and dropping bombs on nations. But you moral bastards believe it’s ok because you aren’t in the streets shooting yourselves? Haaaaahaaaaa, The book of revelation says that you will. You will be raising your weapons against your mother father brother children husbands and wives....neighbor against neighbor...The flooding and loss of all the USA grain stores was to bring on that 7 year famine. And we know you pale males fondness for guns....yeehaw
  • Egypt Nepthys
    Egypt Nepthys 9 months ago David Dyer the spirit wasn’t given to your kind therefore you believe what science tells you. As in the Days of Noah, that flooding in the Midwest was to bring on 7 years of famine to this bitch. Plus You better put on your combat boot cause America is sending your fat ass to fight the Gog and Magog War dude. Your fucking kingdom is falling apart around you. Haaahaaaa.
  • Marvin the Martian
    Marvin the Martian 9 months ago @Egypt Nepthys 👏👏👏👏👏
  • Marvin the Martian
    Marvin the Martian 9 months ago @Egypt Nepthys 👏👏👏👏
  • Egypt Nepthys
    Egypt Nepthys 9 months ago David Dyer at least you admit to your filthy crimes across the planet....steam rolled huh...get ready for your turn.....and it won’t be a team roll, it will be annihilation.
  • Shang Tsung
    Shang Tsung 9 months ago Damn it done got racial and political up in here. How far we've come...
  • L 432hz
    L 432hz 9 months ago Buil Dinit You’re cracking me up! 🙃
  • L 432hz
    L 432hz 9 months ago Shang Tsung It’s sad, but then I read stuff like this and get happy to know I don’t have to be here forever.
  • Shang Tsung
    Shang Tsung 9 months ago @L 432hz God bless you
  • L 432hz
    L 432hz 9 months ago Shang Tsung God bless you.
  • T Hulêan
    T Hulêan 9 months ago @Egypt Nepthys Literally everything you rely on is based on a book. A book written by 40 different arabs and transcribed countless times by white monks, made to fit Christianity's agenda. You talk about Adam and Eve and their children being native to Africa, every single word of that is FICTION and you have no proof or evidence otherwise. THAT is why, whilst westerners are leading the world in every way possible and actually bailing you out with charity and donation, you are still sat in your mud huts waiting for "God" to advance your race or save you. At least you actually believe that shit because otherwise you ought to be very depressed and ashamed. It's not us whites you need to worry about anyway, worry about the Chinese who are silently conquering your continent, waiting for the opportune moment to ravage the rich land you've been too stupid and lazy to dig and well yourselves.