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Скачать с ютуб 10 Hidden Details You Missed In Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald

Опубликовано: 27 нояб. 2018 г. 706 256 просмотров

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The Crimes of Grindelwald is the second film in the Harry Potter prequel series. Set in 1927 in Paris, it follows the rise of Johnny Depp’s Grindelwald and how the forces of good are trying to stop him. This movie is packed to the brim with plot points, characters and setups that you may have missed a lot of the smaller and nuanced moments. For instance, a lot of fans and critics were crying foul about how Jacob came back and that his explanation felt a little weak. But a line in the first film actually backs up his statement! J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books and these prequel films, actually revealed in 2016 that Grindelwald is a shapeshifter and that Colin Farrell’s Percival Graves never existed, which was a little tease for the opening of the second film! At one point, Grindelwald mentions the phrase “for the greater good” and only book fans will understand that reference. It’ll definitely make you look at Dumbledore in a different light! There are two names in the film, Rosier and Travers, that will also sound familiar to those familiar with all the minor characters in the Potterverse. We have our first canonical look at the philosopher’s stone in Paris and reveal the truth about who Flamel really was. We see the Blood Oath scene, which tells us why Albus can’t fight Grindelwald and the actors in that scene may be familiar to some. Grindelwald gets a peek into the future and shows his followers the second world war. But the war has another important meaning to Grindelwald himself. We get an easter egg nod to the Black family and see the Ministry of Magic using more traditional forms of letter delivery. Finally, was J.K. Rowling teasing the Aurelius reveal two years ago?? Maybe!


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  • Steve Stedman
    Steve Stedman 1 year ago (edited) I noticed.. why do they ALL wear smart suits of the time, but in the 90's go back to old medievil wizard robes?
  • Laila Fontanive
    Laila Fontanive 1 year ago Maybe because WWI had ended and everyone was trying to lighten the mood, "the gay twenties". Maybe wizard robes were thought to be too stuffy for the period? Dress styles fluctuate in real life, is it so hard to think they fluctuate in the magical world?
  • Lanie Derose
    Lanie Derose 1 year ago Because they frickion can
  • ant13
    ant13 1 year ago 'Cause they realized it looks cooler
  • E Lisa
    E Lisa 1 year ago (edited) I wondered that too, and i guessed that it's about being a wizard/witch who lives in a big muggle city like New York or Paris (implying both that they have to camouflage, and that they are more easily aesthetically influenced by muggle fashion), as opposite to living in a small wizarding community like Godric's Hollow or Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. There must be different lifestyles among magical people as well. The only surprising thing is Dumbledore himself, who, while always basically living in Hogwarts, turns from a cool roaring 20s dandy to some really heavy "hey, look at me, I'm a F*ing wizard" stuff later on in his long life... but I guess this is just plain Jude Law fan service for long-time Potterhead ladies who were teenagers back in the golden era of the main saga, thus being now 30 and something... and we like it, don't we? ^^
  • Anthony Paull
    Anthony Paull 1 year ago Fashion
  • Julika
    Julika 1 year ago according to the article about clothing on pottermore, the statute of secrecy states that wizards have to wear up to date muggle fashion when they are around muggles. young wizards find it easier to adapt to muggle fashion but they start losing touch when they get older.
  • rosiee m
    rosiee m 1 year ago It just must have been the style back then?? I mean, the real life style in the 20s was way different to the style in the 90s sooo
  • Angela Rosselli
    Angela Rosselli 1 year ago julik a so why at hogwarts, in the French diagon alley, and everywhere were they dressed like that?
  • Nihilus 04
    Nihilus 04 1 year ago Fashion trends
  • Laura Ve
    Laura Ve 1 year ago maybe after WWII they got tired of muggles and decided to hide, and with that they started to develop their own way of dressing. Everyone is dressed as muggles and they live really close to them too, they interact more than in the 90's. After seeing their reactions at the rally, i really think it goes with WWII trauma and being done with muggle ways, that is shown in their way of dressing, to separate themselfs from muggles.
  • D H
    D H 1 year ago Maybe those fancy robes cost too much during the Great Depression.
  • Chief Sed
    Chief Sed 1 year ago In here they are in the city, they need to dress formerly, in the 90’s it’s just all the same they show Harry Potter in the school where they suppose to wear robes, bu in the Deathly Hallows, you can see him walking in the muggle world wearing mostly the same thing. When I say mostly I meant some of the clothes are modernized.
  • cava guynh
    cava guynh 1 year ago because if they wear the old style in Harry Potter, maybe you will comment that their clothes are old fashion and ugly?
  • Juan Pablo Jiménez
    Juan Pablo Jiménez 1 year ago Different director (movie) so differente Clothing Desing, in the first two directed by Chris Columbus it was more over the top, but for example in this spinoffs they try too make it more subtle, it needed to look magic, but able to fit in the muggle world and time period, that's why they won the oscar with Fantastic Beasts.
  • Gamer Girl Maya
    Gamer Girl Maya 1 year ago I believe it’s because in the fantastic beast series the wizards have to blend in with the muggles because they share the environment, and also back in that time people weren’t so accepting to people dressing weird but as different styles evolved everyone has become more accepting. But I think it is more common for wizards and witches to wear their traditional clothing when they are just in magical places where muggles can’t access like diagonally or ministry of magic.
  • asphodelale
    asphodelale 1 year ago Well, when you have a mad, anti-muggle dark lord killing folks at the least provocation, it's probably not the best move to be dressing as what said dark lord hates.
    UNEARTHED36 1 year ago The 90s were a weird time for everyone
  • Stacey Kay
    Stacey Kay 1 year ago Maybe as time went on, wizards began reclaiming the fashions of magical culture?
  • Rads ical
    Rads ical 1 year ago Laila Fontanive agreed and I also wouldn’t be surprised if the WW retreated from the muggle world even further after Grindelwald. He isn’t subtle with his magic and wants to expose wizards. It would make sense if the WW became more isolated and paranoid after what Grindy puts them through
  • Onizuma13
    Onizuma13 1 year ago The simple answer is that Hogwarts is a school and the books and movies revolve around it and so maybe the people associated with that said school wear robes fitted for said school. Not everyone wore robes outside of the school. They wore sweaters and regular clothes. Newt isn't a student at Hogwarts (and neither are any of the others) so it would make sense for them to blend in. As for Dumbledor. Maybe he just wants to look for professional sense he's not headmaster yet. Remus didn't wear any robes when he taught at Hogwarts.
  • farrinracer
    farrinracer 1 year ago Location. Fantastic Beasts is set in America, while Harry Potter is in Great Britain. British wizards are probably dressing more traditionally, while America is the very definition of modern.
  • Ink Stain
    Ink Stain 1 year ago Steve Stedman For all of you who say they do it to diguise themselves at least outside of Hogwarts, and do so in the 90s as well: Dumbledore and Mcgonagall(?) wear Muggle clothes in Hogwarts in the shot from the 20s, as well as the shot from Leeta's childhood. Also, the change back to wizard fashion was even before the 90s. We see that in the scene with young Voldemort in the orphanage which was in the 50s.
  • Celestthebestt
    Celestthebestt 1 year ago my sister and I talked about this too
  • Ayesha Qureshi
    Ayesha Qureshi 1 year ago Because of WW they wanted to fit in but when the wars over they go back to wizard robes.
  • YodatheHobbit
    YodatheHobbit 1 year ago Back to???? Time is moving forward in this story.
  • lalresimler renzen
    lalresimler renzen 1 year ago america and england ? school and office workers
  • Elisabeth Guillerm
    Elisabeth Guillerm 1 year ago The first Harry Potter movies where shot in the early 2000s, the idea of colorfull robes and pointy hats & Co was kinda glued to the universe JK Rowling created. I think the Fantastic Beasts movies didn't want to keep up with this "cliché", and this is a bit more of a grown-up franchise, hence all those similarities with the real world at this time. And let's be honnest, this is way more attractive than how they dressed in the first HP movies :')
  • william luthin
    william luthin 6 months ago I never noticed that
  • Luke Tory
    Luke Tory 5 months ago Funny thing was Dumbledore look very young in 1927 he was wearing a suit and tie but by 1937-1943 he aged in like a 10 yr span and started to look like an old Dumbledore
  • Maddy Lawrence
    Maddy Lawrence 5 months ago The 20s were dapper.
  • C J
    C J 2 months ago Notice even the Hw uniform is primariy muggle clothing.
  • Carolina de la Huerta
    Carolina de la Huerta 1 month ago I’ll be the first to try to come up with an explanation for plot holes in HP, but to be honest there really isn’t a good one for this. All the ones above don’t satisfactorily explain it without a possible rebuttal. My guess as to why they didn’t make an effort to keep to the robes look is that they wanted to fully emulate the 20s which is a very romanticized time period and hoped that people would not pay much attention to it, or that they would be taken enough with the 20s vibe not to mind.
  • Rads ical
    Rads ical 1 year ago Young Grindelwald was hot, I totally get why young Dumbles fell for him
  • Bella Woolley
    Bella Woolley 1 year ago The actor that plays young Grindelwald is Jamie Campbell Bower
  • MaluSaiyajin
    MaluSaiyajin 1 year ago @Bella Woolley old grindlewald is handsome and hot too <3 johnny depp <3
  • Gilbert Beilschmidt
    Gilbert Beilschmidt 1 year ago Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore Teenager: Toby Regbo Adult: Jude Law Old: Richard Harris, Michael Gambon Gellert Grindelwald Teenager: Jamie Cambpell Bower Adult: Johnny Depp Old: Michael Byrne
  • Leah Maslin
    Leah Maslin 1 year ago I mean obvs. Jamie Campbell bower ❤❤
  • Angela Landgraf
    Angela Landgraf 1 year ago I was SO HAPPY when they cast the same actor. We only see him for a spilt second in Harry Potter but bringing the same actor back made my heart happy.
  • MeowgicalCatt
    MeowgicalCatt 1 year ago Is JC from city of bones 😂
  • DarkJay
    DarkJay 8 months ago Both are terribly hot... Why am I thinking 'bout this...
  • sashae duncan
    sashae duncan 1 year ago Did anyone else realized that Grindelwalds reasoning on credence being Dumbledore's brother was because the phoenix came to him? But in HP the chamber of secrets fawkes came to Harry because of his loyalty towards dumbledore. Which means that there can be different ways to attract a phoenix, that or Grindelwald is just a big fat liar
  • iippiie 0_0
    iippiie 0_0 1 year ago (edited) i just want to know how the hell nagini end up with voldemort..
  • Carolina de la Huerta
    Carolina de la Huerta 1 year ago Bro I've been thinking about the same thing, trying to fit it into the timeline. She was definitely there when Pettigrew found him in Albania, because they used her venom to keep him in the temporary body. So either they met up in the forest (why wouldn't he have possessed her, as he did with other snakes/animals?) or she was there from before (how would she have found him?)
  • clown ಠ_ಠ
    clown ಠ_ಠ 3 months ago GAHAHA IKR
  • John Joseph
    John Joseph 1 year ago Why is this a list of obvious things in the movie??
  • Sharp Design
    Sharp Design 1 year ago For the greater good
  • Alex Graboyes
    Alex Graboyes 1 year ago Sharp Design lol
  • Reece S
    Reece S 1 year ago For the three ads they put throughout.
  • Krystal Utkin
    Krystal Utkin 1 year ago Right. Lol
  • littlebigwarrat
    littlebigwarrat 1 year ago (edited) John Joseph he even said the first one in the movie And what even was the second one, like you said obvious.
  • Grace
    Grace 1 year ago I know right
  • richard baker
    richard baker 1 year ago The greater good
  • Ebony Jasmin Warren
    Ebony Jasmin Warren 1 year ago It seems like that’s the style in America but in GB the style in the Wizarding world is still very old fashioned
  • AlicePlaysOnline
    AlicePlaysOnline 10 months ago calculated
  • E Lisa
    E Lisa 1 year ago I'm sure Grindelwald is lying when he tells Credence that he is Albus Dumbledore's brother. Albus Dumbledore was born in 1880, while Credence was likely born around 1905: apart from an anusual age gap, we learn in the main saga that by that time Dumbledore's father was already serving his life sentence in Azkaban for killing those muggle bullies who ruined Ariana's life, and the mother was already dead, accidentally killed by Ariana herself while Dumbledore had just graduated from Hogwarts. Credence being a Dumbledore is exactly the kind of lie Grindelwald would easily come up with to manipulate him, exploiting his deepest emotional needs, the same way he does with Queenie and he had done with Albus himself.
  • tracypaints44
    tracypaints44 1 year ago Exactly
  • E Lisa
    E Lisa 1 year ago (edited) Update: yesterday I was at a Christmas market in my town and I met the most passionate HP merchandise maker and vendor. We started a conversation about The crimes of Grindelwald and he came up with a theory that would complete mine, explaining why Fawks would appear to Credence while he is not a Dumbledore: maybe the Obscurial inside Credence is the same Ariana had within herself, that somehow found him as its new host when she died? Thus tricking the Phoenix into recognizing something from Dumbledore family in him? If this is true, the next movies will explain how it happened!
  • LexiBeau
    LexiBeau 1 year ago (edited) I just read a theory that he is infact the nephew of Albus rather than his brother. He’s the son of Ariana hence the Phoenix and the obscurial
  • Weldon Hathaway
    Weldon Hathaway 1 year ago @LexiBeau Not possible. Ariana died in 1899 and Credence was born in 1901.
  • Jaybee Moon
    Jaybee Moon 1 year ago @LexiBeau Ariana was only 14 in 1989 when she died. It's not impossible but very unlikely that she'd mother a child so young. Besides, Credence's adoption paper says he was born in 1904.
  • Jaybee Moon
    Jaybee Moon 1 year ago (edited) @LexiBeau Ariana was only 14 in 1899 when she died. It's not impossible but very unlikely that she'd mother a child so young. Besides, Credence's adoption paper says he was born in 1904.
  • E Lisa
    E Lisa 1 year ago LexiBeau that's impossible, he was born years after she died still a young girl. Also, it's very unlikely that he could be Aberforth's son: he would have fathered him in his teens, and as far as we know, he was never married. These soap-opera-like unlikely parenthoods are not in JKR style at all.
  • LexiBeau
    LexiBeau 1 year ago Weldon Hathaway doesn’t make it not possible, it could be a cover so that no one knew she had a child hence why Dumbledore might not know 🤷🏼‍♀️ Not saying it’s right...but nothing is impossible 😊
  • Howard Lanus
    Howard Lanus 1 year ago I know. Why do people keep going on and on about that? It's obvious what's really going on so shut up about it already!
  • Terry Ellis
    Terry Ellis 1 year ago @LexiBeau Couldn't he be the son of Aberforth? Wouldn't that make more sense than Ariana being his mother?
  • LexiBeau
    LexiBeau 1 year ago (edited) Terry Ellis he could be! But I think the theory about Ariana is due to them both having an obscurial, which Aberforth didn’t have?
  • Jes
    Jes 1 year ago Not a brother, a nephew