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Опубликовано: 26 нояб. 2016 г. 319 799 просмотров

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This is the greatest house elf of All Time

  • Dr. Leonid Pavel
    Dr. Leonid Pavel 3 years ago I thought this was a sequel to Vibranium Door. I'm feeling disappointed.
  • Enrico Fidenzi
    Enrico Fidenzi 3 years ago It's a sequel to lithium prisoner 38
  • tehsleepysheepy
    tehsleepysheepy 3 years ago Ikr ive been beanboozled
  • Ben Elledge
    Ben Elledge 3 years ago WE'VE BEEN SMACKLEDORFED
  • Grym BoMbz
    Grym BoMbz 3 years ago tehsleepysheepy*BAMBOOZLED* Get back in your wheelchair and learn to spell.
  • Hlothwig
    Hlothwig 3 years ago (edited) +Grym BoMbz beanboozled. Learn to meme son
  • Krokodil
    Krokodil 3 years ago tehsleepysheepy dunk
  • Thatguy WhoDoesThings
    Thatguy WhoDoesThings 3 years ago tehsleepysheepy the face in the profile pic makes that insult so much better
  • Larissa Smith
    Larissa Smith 3 years ago Same.
  • Grym BoMbz
    Grym BoMbz 3 years ago tehsleepysheepy ummm i'm not fully black bro i'm more white than anything else.
  • Genetic Dud
    Genetic Dud 3 years ago You're not allowed to bring any friends.
  • htf5555
    htf5555 3 years ago They are not my friends.
  • Dr. Leonid Pavel
    Dr. Leonid Pavel 3 years ago htf5555 You stole my line.
  • Falvie Diablo
    Falvie Diablo 3 years ago It looks like Ren from Ren and Stimpy.
  • GC Spectral Umbreon
    GC Spectral Umbreon 3 years ago If he had stage 4 lung cancer.
  • Human Trash
    Human Trash 3 years ago METALLIC UMBREON to be fair........
  • Joegan Bogan
    Joegan Bogan 3 years ago Nanomachines THAT WASN'T NICKELODEON, REN. IT WAS MY COCK.
  • Perple Stuff
    Perple Stuff 3 years ago I was about to say the same thing. Gud times...
  • DontHaveTo ListenToMe
    DontHaveTo ListenToMe 3 years ago who's the pitcher who's the catcher
  • Piffinatour
    Piffinatour 3 years ago Dark Souls 4 is looking pretty good.
  • Faz
    Faz 3 years ago This looks like a fake video game you would see in an ad for some vidya game school
  • Hink
    Hink 3 years ago undertale is fucking retarded
  • gidioter
    gidioter 3 years ago Maybe you should try playing the thing and deciding for yourself, Hawkeye
  • Faz
    Faz 3 years ago makes a good icon tho
  • DDD
    DDD 3 years ago We will charge you money for teaching you why this is art.
  • DB
    DB 2 years ago Hink no, the fandom is. don’t get that shit twisted
  • blogfirstlast
    blogfirstlast 3 years ago i rated the video now i'm commenting the video
  • Ben Evans
    Ben Evans 3 years ago good job fam
  • adj789
    adj789 3 years ago did you subscribe for more videos like this one?
  • lxjoe96
    lxjoe96 3 years ago did you subscribe if you wanna see videos similar to this one seeya?
  • blogfirstlast
    blogfirstlast 3 years ago indeed
  • Mo_ Musashi_28
    Mo_ Musashi_28 3 years ago Cool see ya
  • missing elements
    missing elements 4 months ago impressive
  • FartingSpider12
    FartingSpider12 3 years ago Much respect to Cr1tikal for knowing what the name of Track 5 on Nirvana's "Nevermind" album is off-hand
  • Braulio Solari
    Braulio Solari 3 years ago do you think he likes them?
  • Hydrosirical
    Hydrosirical 2 years ago I hope he does. I laughed at that part lithium is my fav apart from lounge act
  • Braulio Solari
    Braulio Solari 2 years ago Yeah, lithium's one of the songs that got me into nirvana. It's amazing.
  • Gabriel Martinez
    Gabriel Martinez 2 years ago (edited) Hell yeah: Sliver, Lounge Act, In bloom, Lithium, You know your right, Heart Shaped Box, I hate myself and want to die, fuck they’re all so good
  • Mr. Richard Fiddler
    Mr. Richard Fiddler 1 year ago Gabriel Martinez Alice with layne Staley was the best Seattle band to come out of that scene. Stp was the worst.
  • Moog
    Moog 3 years ago I am willing to bet money on this game ending with some kind of reveal that "oh the main character is trying to escape from a mental hospital and all that we see is through the lens of psychosis" type boring ass thoughtless story
  • Hamlet
    Hamlet 3 years ago considering the main dude is doing what many people on lithium do, it's highly likely. being on lithium long term can cause a lot of issues and make you walk like the main guy.
  • Mr mushroom
    Mr mushroom 3 years ago you can get high on lithium?
  • Moog
    Moog 3 years ago @Trijedi Knight lithium, for whatever reason, is considered one of the stronger medicines to deal w/ usually bipolar disorder, but I think it has applications as a general antipsychotic. It's a messy drug tho.
  • Mr mushroom
    Mr mushroom 3 years ago Huh, who knew?
  • Senor Platano
    Senor Platano 3 years ago Thats the story of Insanidade, he played it years ago!
  • Abyssmo
    Abyssmo 3 years ago It looks like one of those fake games that you'd see someone playing in a Tv show or movie.
  • George Sears
    George Sears 3 years ago 0:58 BLOODROCUTED! BLOODROCUTED!
  • 1objection
    1objection 3 years ago fuck!, beat me to it!
  • DDD
    DDD 3 years ago УБИТ КРОВОТОКОМ!
  • Satan Claus
    Satan Claus 3 years ago YEAH DETHKLOK!
  • Dapwnie
    Dapwnie 3 years ago Is this the music video for Sober by Tool
  • Mystic Cavern
    Mystic Cavern 3 years ago trigger
  • William See
    William See 3 years ago Basically. Minus the pretentious music fans.
  • net x
    net x 3 years ago William See you don't understand the "deep meaning" braaa I'm so intelligent
  • Dapwnie
    Dapwnie 3 years ago @net x but don't you understand? It's talking about the struggles of having to be sober, when drinking is so much more fun
  • William See
    William See 3 years ago @net x Do you even smoke mary juana?
  • Daddy Bigweld
    Daddy Bigweld 3 years ago its kinda comforting knowing that in the past 4 years that ive watched this channel, nothing has really changed, even when everything is different for me
  • Bluecore
    Bluecore 3 years ago Poor Ren. He is looking for Stimpy .
  • Internet Bear
    Internet Bear 1 year ago Kylo ren?
  • Captain Doomsday
    Captain Doomsday 1 year ago STEEMPY! YOU EEEEEEDIOT! You left me in a spooky hospital!
  • No-El
    No-El 3 years ago last time I was this early Fidel Castro was still alive
  • Alan
    Alan 3 years ago No-El Last time I was this early,JFK was still alive
  • Kalaxin
    Kalaxin 3 years ago Last time I was this early George Washington was still alive
  • Alan
  • theAnarch
    theAnarch 3 years ago Last time I was this early jesus was real.
  • Ben Sweetser
    Ben Sweetser 3 years ago Last time I was early, Judaism wasn't a religion
  • Kelvin Weston
    Kelvin Weston 3 years ago without your disembodied voice guiding me to a world of entertainment I'm sure I would have killed myself out of boredom
  • Sw4y
    Sw4y 3 years ago Is this Cr1tikal's rendition of rage quit?
  • Grrrizzly
    Grrrizzly 3 years ago (edited) You want to see him ragequit? Find his videos about Uncharted 4
  • Bart Krane
    Bart Krane 3 years ago Is this your first Cr1tikal gameplay video? He always stops his playthrough of most of the games and never touch it ever again.
  • faux
  • Mo_ Musashi_28
    Mo_ Musashi_28 3 years ago Bart Krane exception of Dark souls series
  • Alexei
    Alexei 3 years ago im not too sure what this game even is. but i like the bald middle aged star platinum
  • 『B E T I M』
    『B E T I M』 3 years ago 桑田怜恩 [middle age ORA]
  • uuuh
    uuuh 3 years ago read the manga
  • faux
    faux 3 years ago IS THAT A MOTHER FUCKING JOJOKE?!
  • William See
    William See 3 years ago [STAND NAME] : Middle Aged Boxer Shorts [STAND MASTER]: DOBBY
  • J Mc
    J Mc 3 years ago oruh orouh
  • faux
    faux 3 years ago (edited) Lel, the triggered guy's comment is gone.
  • Abraxas
    Abraxas 3 years ago tumble road *wrrryd
  • ipeenickels
    ipeenickels 3 years ago Ren & Stimpy reloaded.
  • Ryan Rafi
    Ryan Rafi 3 years ago have you gotten better at ice skating yet
  • favelado
    favelado 3 years ago he's already mastered it
  • Garrett Harker
    Garrett Harker 3 years ago Dare I say, the best ice skater of All Time.
  • SligitySlone
    SligitySlone 3 years ago what happened to gengis swan
  • Dainara Sukora
    Dainara Sukora 3 years ago He died for our sins.
  • DragonbornX45
    DragonbornX45 3 years ago Where dat Donkey Ollie at doe??
  • Alex Murphy
    Alex Murphy 3 years ago this is Donkey Ollie though