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Скачать с ютуб Schwarzenegger Games (NES) - Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

Опубликовано: 23 июл. 2012 г. 9 029 569 просмотров

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Welcome the Nerd back from his short hiatus as he reviews the best of the worst of the Austrian Oaks cartridge conversions on NES. Total Recall, Last Action Hero, Conan the Barbarian and Predator all feature. Can the Nerd find any good Schwarzenegger games? Lets find out!
This is Angry Videogame Nerd episode 107


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  • UFOninja
    UFOninja 3 years ago You're a funny guy, James. I like you. That's why I'm going to kill you last.
  • Silent Cowboy 5
    Silent Cowboy 5 1 year ago UFOninja lol I eat you alive before you kill him
  • Zeta Skywalker
    Zeta Skywalker 1 year ago Mr. Rhino Official yup
  • Alberto Steegjesman
    Alberto Steegjesman 1 year ago If he get's it, it's gonna be like: Hasta la vista... maybe?
  • Jonathan Szuhai
    Jonathan Szuhai 1 year ago +Mr. Rhino Official And Castrik was quoting Bill Duke.
    STRING3R 1 year ago kek
  • Ryan Leikness
    Ryan Leikness 1 year ago @Castrik NM fuck YOU asshole
  • Collin Ryan
    Collin Ryan 1 year ago @Castrik NM yes he is funny and don't threaten my boy Jamezzzzz
  • King Loser
    King Loser 1 year ago You fuckin' whore
  • Samus Kerrigan
    Samus Kerrigan 1 year ago POOT DAT COOKEE DAUGHN. NAOO!
  • Rico Prabowo
    Rico Prabowo 1 year ago Whoa chill you guys, c'mon!
  • Gabe 20007
    Gabe 20007 1 year ago are you a serial killer ? 😂😂😂😂
  • Eddie
    Eddie 1 year ago @Mr. Rhino Official Yes. He's quoting Commando. Btw, John Matrix lied. He kills that guy second.
  • Chris Dopey
    Chris Dopey 1 year ago Commando this is my weak arm sully
  • Silent Cowboy 5
    Silent Cowboy 5 1 year ago I joke too
  • Andrew Colin
    Andrew Colin 1 year ago UFOninja LMAO 😂😂👍
  • mrs_cat6234
    mrs_cat6234 9 months ago Commando is the best movie ever made.
  • No Malarkey
    No Malarkey 8 months ago mrs_cat6234 no. Just no
  • tony Montana
    tony Montana 7 months ago i lied AAAAAAAAAA
  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 4 months ago Wait
  • SneekiBreeki
    SneekiBreeki 3 months ago @King Loser "You"? You are not you, you are me!
  • Nicholas Rigal
    Nicholas Rigal 2 months ago What the fuck!?
  • Taha Mohammad
    Taha Mohammad 1 week ago “Hey, I thought you said you’d kill me last” “...I lied”
  • Scotty Lewis
    Scotty Lewis 2 years ago Congraturation! Predator is happy end! Thank you! being the strong and corageour soldier that you are you feel strongeth welling in your body. Return to starting point challenge again!
  • Suaz Cards
    Suaz Cards 1 year ago You have played a great game! Mr. Miyagi wink
  • Kris Frederick
    Kris Frederick 1 year ago Please learn to spell before you say or "write" anything.
  • Let's Play Anything - Games And Trends
    Let's Play Anything - Games And Trends 1 year ago H A P P Y E N D
  • Okami Eddy
    Okami Eddy 1 year ago @Kris Frederick r/whoosh
  • antiagonista
    antiagonista 1 year ago You're winner
  • khaimk4r4su
    khaimk4r4su 1 year ago A winner is you !
  • Gengarzilla
    Gengarzilla 1 year ago Kris, he's mocking the Ghosts and Goblins ending text. Talk about missing a joke completely. 😉
  • Justin Sea
    Justin Sea 1 year ago @Gengarzilla yah kris must not watch much avgn.
  • Name Me Noah
    Name Me Noah 1 year ago @Kris Frederick wooooosh
  • myno
    myno 1 year ago @Kris Frederick my man just got wooshed
  • The Crimson Shadow
    The Crimson Shadow 11 months ago ​@Kris Frederick WOW!!!! REALLY? You obviously DON'T know he wrote that on purpose. If you ever watched any of AVGN's videos, you would know that's what is said at the end of the Ghosts N Goblins game. Misspelled and everything. Please learn to watch videos and know why people say certain things before you react and look dumb.
  • Psi34ax
    Psi34ax 11 months ago Y'all probably just got whooshed by Kris, no way he's that dumb lol
  • The Crimson Shadow
    The Crimson Shadow 11 months ago @Psi34ax You really think people aren't that dumb?
  • GentlemenGhidorah
    GentlemenGhidorah 11 months ago @Kris Frederick I'm late to the party on this one, for sure, but my god the fact you couldn't possible figure out that it was a reference jab is mind-boggling.
  • Tasty Churro
    Tasty Churro 11 months ago @Kris Frederick Conglaturations. You're Winner.
  • josh
    josh 10 months ago @Kris Frederick it's a me fartio
  • Derp Zilla
    Derp Zilla 9 months ago Scotty Lewis aliens n predators
  • Chris Shelley
    Chris Shelley 9 months ago Kris Frederick You soil my name in two ways. One, you being this stupid and actually believing he typed that unironically. And two, spelling "Chris" with a fucking "K"
  • Quentin Parhiala
    Quentin Parhiala 9 months ago @Let's Play Anything - Games And Trends definitely
  • Quentin Parhiala
    Quentin Parhiala 9 months ago @antiagonista yes you are
  • Quentin Parhiala
    Quentin Parhiala 9 months ago @khaimk4r4su yes
  • Quentin Parhiala
    Quentin Parhiala 9 months ago @Justin Sea probably not
  • Joey Walker
    Joey Walker 9 months ago @Kris Frederick you're winner
  • Heroic Testicles
    Heroic Testicles 8 months ago Kris Frederick you are Winner and masturbator
  • Orion X-Thousand
    Orion X-Thousand 7 months ago Love the Ghosts N Goblins reference! Thank you.
  • El canal de Dany
    El canal de Dany 7 months ago The intro should be: Arnold is fucking with the predator in a graveyard, then comes Satan and says: "Yes, I want to"
  • Sethos
    Sethos 7 months ago @Kris Frederick God damn son, you just embarrassed yourself.
  • Trollivania
    Trollivania 6 months ago @Kris Frederick you are the biggest idiot I've ever had the disgrace to meet
  • Kero Kero
    Kero Kero 6 months ago @Brian it wasnt a troll
  • Asako Kazumi
    Asako Kazumi 5 months ago I remember when you post 90% of 1000 ways to die vids
  • Smith Wesson
    Smith Wesson 5 months ago @Scotty Lewis Hey :)
  • KJ Setser
    KJ Setser 5 months ago 😆
  • Watkinator
    Watkinator 5 months ago And ghosts n goblins actually. Forgot that was fucked up too.
  • Orion X-Thousand
    Orion X-Thousand 4 months ago @Kris Frederick Are you just trolling, or are you not getting the joke?
  • Kris Frederick
    Kris Frederick 4 months ago @Orion X-Thousand No and no. I re-read the initial comment from what, a year ago? I get it. I was quick on the trigger. We're all on the same team here.
  • Orion X-Thousand
    Orion X-Thousand 4 months ago (edited) @Kris Frederick oh okay. Thanx for clearing that up! Btw I find it cool you responded, despite the age of this comment section lol.
  • Kris Frederick
    Kris Frederick 4 months ago @Trollivania Aw thanks
  • Trollivania
    Trollivania 4 months ago @Kris Frederick water
  • W.2026
    W.2026 4 months ago I feel asleep
  • Kris Frederick
    Kris Frederick 4 months ago @Nöelノエル It's about time lol
  • Nieru
    Nieru 4 months ago @Kris Frederick someone was obviously born after the N64 came out.
  • Kris Frederick
    Kris Frederick 4 months ago @Okami Eddy Lol nice
  • X Gen
    X Gen 3 months ago @Kris Frederick It is decreed by the Law of Youtube, thou must be impaled on the stake of shame for all to mock until the end of eternity. (cue classic Star Trek fight music).
  • Argo
    Argo 3 months ago @Kris Frederick lmao, you got assed so hard. Backfire of epic levels. In all the years to come in your most private moments, you'll always remember how much of an ass you made yourself with that comment.
  • kit cat :3
    kit cat :3 2 months ago @Kris Frederick Kris I forgive you. although in the future we should all be less of cesspool and not make fun of Grammer and spelling immediately ( Especially when its not import to the overall point a person is makeing )
  • Kris Frederick
    Kris Frederick 2 months ago @kit cat :3 I agree, sometimes I'm quick on the trigger and that isn't fair.
  • Claude
    Claude 2 months ago Kris Frederick I don’t think you understand
  • Kris Frederick
    Kris Frederick 2 months ago @Claude I didn't at the moment, but do now.
  • Claudia Solomon
    Claudia Solomon 1 day ago @Kris Frederick oh Kris, thank you for your coming.
  • Juan Contreras
    Juan Contreras 5 months ago "I already talked about the Terminator games and they suffered the same fate." Don't you mean... a Dark Fate?
  • TheWorstChannelYouKnow
    TheWorstChannelYouKnow 4 months ago Too soon
  • XDKuro
    XDKuro 4 months ago (edited) At least it was on NES and not... ...Genisys?
  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 4 months ago Stop with the PUUUUUNS (jk keep doing it)
  • turkey fluff
    turkey fluff 4 months ago @XDKuro those games were the genisys of bad terminator Products we hoped for a salvation for the series but in the end the series has met a dark fate yada yada (insert rise of the machines joke here)
  • ExplorerDS6789
    ExplorerDS6789 4 months ago Hey, Dark Fate was cool. Grace was bad-ass!
  • ultrix soma
    ultrix soma 3 months ago @ExplorerDS6789 No, that movie was a fucking piece of shit. Grace was created because "WAMEN EMPOWURMNT"
  • Legacy Of The Beast Eddie
    Legacy Of The Beast Eddie 3 months ago ultrix soma PUT THAT BULLSHIT DOWN, NOW!!!!
    NO PATS JIM 3 months ago I refused to see it. Terminator 3 was the last in the Franchise to me!
  • faraaz the creativeYT
    faraaz the creativeYT 3 months ago Ur talking about terminator 6, right?
  • Steven Zephyc
    Steven Zephyc 2 months ago @faraaz the creativeYT whichever the universal T2 ride was
  • Ryan Hutchinson
    Ryan Hutchinson 2 months ago @XDKuro It’s actually ironic because the SEGA Genesis Terminator game was the only good one. 😆
  • Video Game stuff
    Video Game stuff 1 month ago @Darth Vader hopefully we can get Terminator games to salvation?
  • Nicholas Boes
    Nicholas Boes 3 weeks ago BA DUM TISS
  • Isaac Bailey
    Isaac Bailey 2 years ago "Congratulations. You have survived." That summarizes the entire game.
  • Jiafei
    Jiafei 2 years ago I've always wondered if the people programed these games has seen Nerd's videos, and if so what their reaction's like lol
  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith 9 months ago Hopefully extreme embarrassment.
  • Paul Tincher
    Paul Tincher 9 months ago Doubt they would care just like they didn’t care when they put no effort into making these games.
  • Sony X4500
    Sony X4500 8 months ago @Paul Tincher They are old People now. Probably they wouldn't care its 30 years ago.
  • Scooty Booty
    Scooty Booty 4 months ago LJN employees think it's really funny
  • Hype Strain
    Hype Strain 2 months ago They repeatedly say "I tried to tell them" every time they hear "what were they thinking"
  • Houston Helicopter Tours
    Houston Helicopter Tours 2 months ago It was 30 years ago and they got their money...would you care?
  • Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers
    Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers 1 month ago @Houston Helicopter Tours yes
  • B Rammin
    B Rammin 1 month ago @Paul Tincher yep, just a paycheck. Most of them probably didn't even know the name of the game
  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 2 days ago (edited) Games, again were still a "new" thing at the time for an average person. There wasn't a handbook or manual or inspiration on what constitutes a "good" game. A lot of the good games we have now are the result of many years of mistakes and long established tropes that your average gamer would love now. These NES games may be bad, but when you consider the limitations and general lack of what makes a "good" game or a formula for said game. Of course it's going to suck. So to accuse them of "not caring or putting no effort" is fucking stupid when you consider what it took to build a game then. There are so many utilities today that allow easy creation of NES games and since the mistakes have been made, better ways to optimize said games.
  • Koholos
    Koholos 1 day ago Some Guy i agree. Also, even today, a lot of bad games, if you talk to people who work on them, many of them know and it’s often a case of time or budget or license-holders interfering or just inability to make something they thought was awesome work well and convey it well to the player. MOST people don’t want to make something bad, and I suspect many of them (even with these games) are quitte aware of their faults. Some of them probably took what they learned on games reviewed here and went on to make actually good games.
  • Crichjo32
    Crichjo32 4 years ago "The game is so bad, that even the enemy soldiers commit suicide" lmao :D
  • HighGradeQP
    HighGradeQP 4 years ago "This game is so broken, the enemies can't even play it" hah
  • Knackebrodz
    Knackebrodz 4 years ago +Crichjo32 LOL! best line ever!
  • J.A.E. Media
    J.A.E. Media 4 years ago +HighGradeQP In Last Action Hero NES Jack Slater looks like Jean Claude Van Damme
  • Ippiki Õkami
    Ippiki Õkami 3 years ago "this game is so broken, even the Terminator won't be back to play it"
  • Jay-DJ- 06
    Jay-DJ- 06 2 years ago Ippiki Õkami nice one
  • Caleb Rich
    Caleb Rich 2 years ago Crichjo32 July 23rd 1996 7/23/1996
  • nicholas McColm
    nicholas McColm 1 month ago dig dug's enemy do this, when there's one left, that is. said enemy tries to run away like a fucking chicken and kill themselves in despiration.
  • Racing Red
    Racing Red 2 years ago (edited) "Remember Sully when I promised to kill you last? ...I LIED" "What happened to Sully?" "I let him go."
  • Smartman 182
    Smartman 182 10 months ago Sully?
  • greyfox37
    greyfox37 10 months ago @Smartman 182 Line from Commando. One of my all time favorite Arnie lines
  • mrs_cat6234
    mrs_cat6234 9 months ago My fav line is when Sully says “say it a little louder then GET FUCKED”
  • The Shotmeister
    The Shotmeister 9 months ago See you at the pardy Rictaaaaah
  • louis tournas
    louis tournas 7 months ago @The Shotmeister : Fuck you. Asshole. (From Terminator 1)
  • When The Music's Over
    When The Music's Over 7 months ago @Racing Red For writing that line...I could actually fuck you.
  • Dante Vivas
    Dante Vivas 6 months ago Let off some steam, Bennett.
  • AngloRebel
    AngloRebel 6 months ago "ohhh lallaa laaaaaa"
  • RobbRR1
    RobbRR1 6 months ago I lied.....ahwhahahahhhhh
  • suny123boy1
    suny123boy1 6 months ago @Smartman 182 got to grow up, man up.
  • Cavey Möth
    Cavey Möth 5 months ago Please don't disturb my friend. He's dead tired.
  • Dan the guy
    Dan the guy 5 months ago @The Shotmeister "Benny! Screw you!"
  • Horror From Below
    Horror From Below 4 months ago Get your ass to mars!
  • qbradq
    qbradq 1 year ago I have rewatched agvn more than any other entertainment series. It is literally my favorite episodic series ever.
  • Awesomedsk
    Awesomedsk 8 months ago I feel like he missed the opportunity to say “ they should have a total recall of this game”
  • gluserty
    gluserty 2 months ago Imagine being in The Nerd's gameroom after his "Total Recall" playthrough, and having to clean up all the pixels that flew out of the TV.
  • Shinobi Wolf
    Shinobi Wolf 5 years ago I do have one good thing to say about Predator... at least they spelled "Congratulations" right.
  • J
    J 5 years ago @***** did you watch the video?
  • The King of Vegas
    The King of Vegas 5 years ago Congraguration!
  • Hanz Eskinoz
    Hanz Eskinoz 5 years ago @MountainsOfDew You Finsh Game!
  • J
    J 5 years ago @MajoraMajesty You have prooved the justice of our culture
  • The King of Vegas
  • Hanz Eskinoz
    Hanz Eskinoz 5 years ago That brings a tear to my eye
  • Auntie Boogie
    Auntie Boogie 5 years ago @MajoraMajesty You're Winner!
  • Miles Beler
    Miles Beler 4 years ago @Antoria Lee I like how Big Rigs recognized the conjunction, but the letter "A" escaped them
  • Joe Brady-Preece
    Joe Brady-Preece 4 years ago Congraturation you are now great hero warmth fill withot you
  • ObsoleteSonicRules
  • WebVMan
    WebVMan 4 years ago @solitarylonewolf CONGLURATIONS!!! ALL YOUR WINNING ARE BELONG TO YOU!
  • StalkerRapture
    StalkerRapture 4 years ago @solitarylonewolf Coogamurtation! You Bet aoure Good game!
  • The King of Vegas
    The King of Vegas 4 years ago @Some Person They always have to tell you how "great" the game is!
  • StalkerRapture
    StalkerRapture 4 years ago @MountainsOfDew Buy Our game Please...Help Donate to the Hepless Dogs and Children. 20$ Can save someones life.
  • StalkerRapture
    StalkerRapture 4 years ago @***** *Kid looks at ghost 'n goblins screen* MOM! The game said a bad thing!
  • DylanPlays / Renewings
    DylanPlays / Renewings 3 years ago YES NO MORE SHITTY GHOSTBUSTERS DESIGN!
  • Fernando Paxeco
    Fernando Paxeco 2 years ago Shinobi Wolf what about satan?
  • DeadArtist
    DeadArtist 2 years ago Shinobi Wolf And it's connected to the tmnt games.
  • O'Fearghail the Fearless
    O'Fearghail the Fearless 2 years ago Shinobi Wolf I also like the ending music, very nice to be honest. You imitate that end music with an electric guitar, make a cover out of it, and you got yourself one hell of a fucking great cover track
  • Ganondorf Dragmire
    Ganondorf Dragmire 2 years ago they also weren't so pretentious that they proclaim their game to be great even though we all know it isn't
  • Trey Harkins
    Trey Harkins 2 years ago Shinobi Wolf i
  • Knut Ove
    Knut Ove 2 years ago Kongratulasion
  • John Tumahab
    John Tumahab 2 years ago Personally I think the reason so many end titles are misspelled is because the game testers gave up long before getting that far. :/
  • Jakabok
    Jakabok 2 years ago Where Did You Learn To Type?
  • Hanna Ok
    Hanna Ok 2 years ago The King Of The North I
  • Yoshi The One
    Yoshi The One 2 years ago Shinobi Wolf Ghostbusters doesn't....
  • stalker
    stalker 2 years ago Yoshi The One exactly
  • Bennitto the Burrito
    Bennitto the Burrito 2 years ago best game of when ever the fuck this was
  • GamingDemon 12
    GamingDemon 12 2 years ago Conglaturation,you fell for our trap and played our shitty game, Sucks to be you
  • Sin Unknown
    Sin Unknown 1 year ago Congratuations you finish game... now commends faping...
  • Dogepugs 2006
    Dogepugs 2006 10 months ago I like youre winner most...
  • Tibor .Bödök
    Tibor .Bödök 6 months ago You were being Sekiro before it was cool.😎
  • Nieru
    Nieru 4 months ago Conglaturations!
  • Luke Milbocker
    Luke Milbocker 6 months ago "I'm so mad right now I could take a chainsaw to a baby's neck!", Lmao, AVGN is awesome!
  • TailS MeDiA
    TailS MeDiA 3 months ago Luke Milbocker kick a baby pony
  • Zombies4EvaDude
    Zombies4EvaDude 3 months ago Luke Milbocker ikr 😂😂😂
  • Comar Bloxlore
    Comar Bloxlore 6 months ago 20:32 The Ultimate AVGN Rage
  • maikol medyna
    maikol medyna 7 months ago The Predator game looks like you are playing as Bret Heart 😎😂
  • Mike Keller
    Mike Keller 2 months ago Excellence of execution!
  • Hokhmah
    Hokhmah 1 year ago "What you thought you can ride on the red scorpions, were you crazy?" Dolph Lundgren approves
  • Scumbag M
    Scumbag M 2 months ago Quote from Full Metal Jacket?
    CESTR 3 years ago total RECALL? more like total refund!
  • The Mysterious Retro Gamer
    The Mysterious Retro Gamer 3 years ago It should have been Total Recalled
  • Alex Lopresti
    Alex Lopresti 3 years ago Total Recall is the BEST movie of the 90s Ok?
  • Lazaruz
    Lazaruz 3 years ago The movie may be good, but the game is utter trash.
  • Alex Lopresti
    Alex Lopresti 3 years ago @Michael McDoesn'tExist True
  • Lazy Mind
    Lazy Mind 3 years ago Total Shit!
  • Skull V
    Skull V 3 years ago Total Ass!
  • SuperFalconZX
    SuperFalconZX 3 years ago total anal fuck
  • DeadBoneJones
    DeadBoneJones 3 years ago Totally unable to Recall any good part of this game
  • Tails The Fox
    Tails The Fox 3 years ago Total recall is a assload of fuck.
  • maura vids
    maura vids 3 years ago total CRAP!!!!
  • Michael Laffey
    Michael Laffey 2 years ago How about Total Fraud!
  • CHRdutch
    CHRdutch 2 years ago MUDKIP MUDKIP This game was a Total Ripoff
  • blindsniper812
    blindsniper812 2 years ago More like this game needs to be recalled.
  • Basedtink
    Basedtink 2 years ago LOOOL thats great man holy shit.
  • Anon
    Anon 2 years ago Actually... IT'S LITERALLY NEEDS A RECALL!
  • Tyrese Roman
    Tyrese Roman 2 years ago MUDKIP MUDKIP lmao lmao lmao
  • Jaded Jerky
    Jaded Jerky 2 years ago Apply cold water to burned area
  • RalphMan
    RalphMan 2 years ago MUDKIP MUDKIP OOOOOOHHHHHH 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🕯🎙🎙🎙🎙
  • Zander Newson
    Zander Newson 2 years ago More like Bore Ragnarok !
  • CharlesMorgan Vlogs
    CharlesMorgan Vlogs 1 year ago I have the Total Recall game and that's exactly what I'm thinking thank you for pointing that out
  • Wyoming Windage
    Wyoming Windage 1 year ago You clever son of a bitch.
  • The GoatBoat
    The GoatBoat 1 year ago The game should've been totally recalled
  • MagicalRanter224
    MagicalRanter224 1 year ago The game got recalled because it was so bad
  • handsomebrick
    handsomebrick 1 year ago It needs a total rehaul.
  • Grand Master of All Things Bad
    Grand Master of All Things Bad 1 year ago Mung_daal.png
  • Michael Jagger
    Michael Jagger 1 year ago Alex Lopresti Jurassic park.
  • Mittens
    Mittens 1 year ago I'd rather get lobotomised. Without getting a refund.
  • Icey games
    Icey games 1 year ago What about the vr game?
  • Justin Sea
    Justin Sea 1 year ago @DeadBoneJones ha nice
  • TwistedClown912
    TwistedClown912 1 year ago That's what i said.
  • END3R_X
    END3R_X 1 year ago more like total sh*t
  • Zacknificent The Unimpressive
    Zacknificent The Unimpressive 11 months ago More like they should TOTALLY RECALL this game
  • Mace N0tR3al
    Mace N0tR3al 11 months ago Total piece of fuckin' dog shit
  • Nodzerg Horde
    Nodzerg Horde 10 months ago wantet to say the same thing
  • Soul-Struck
    Soul-Struck 9 months ago Or total destruction
  • Quentin Parhiala
    Quentin Parhiala 9 months ago Yes it is Cestr
  • Quentin Parhiala
    Quentin Parhiala 9 months ago @The Mysterious Retro Gamer definitely
  • Quentin Parhiala
    Quentin Parhiala 9 months ago @Alex Lopresti yes it is
  • Quentin Parhiala
    Quentin Parhiala 9 months ago @Lazaruz absolutely it's trash
  • Illuminati
    Illuminati 8 months ago Terminator? More like TerminLater!
  • InfaniteSoldier 20
    InfaniteSoldier 20 8 months ago That game better be total recallED
  • Pay _The _Price
    Pay _The _Price 7 months ago You have Sonic Boom as your profile picture....
  • Andrew Montoya
    Andrew Montoya 7 months ago Its a gift from the assholians
  • Lamboguy633
    Lamboguy633 6 months ago They should have totally recalled that game
  • Jamie Koenig [Staff]
    Jamie Koenig [Staff] 5 months ago The game is actually good. He never said it was bad! He said it pissed him off and ruined his weekend but he did NOT say it was bad. Its not bad. Just enraging.
  • Kashkai Yisher
    Kashkai Yisher 5 months ago Riiight
    AViPLAY 4 months ago CESTR 😂 lmao
  • The X-Subway Prodigy
    The X-Subway Prodigy 4 months ago Lmao 🤣
  • M0nkeyb0mber 339
    M0nkeyb0mber 339 1 week ago I owned the game back in 1994 and it wasn’t that bad.
  • Littlepip The Lightbringer
    Littlepip The Lightbringer 1 year ago I really like AVGN's game reviews
  • Manny Diaz
    Manny Diaz 10 months ago The principal in my high school worked for LJN
  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 4 months ago Manny Diaz kill him NOW
  • Blue Bomber
    Blue Bomber 4 months ago My uncle worked at Nintendo
  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 4 months ago Blue Bomber can your uncle adopt me now
  • Tyler Miskelly
    Tyler Miskelly 3 months ago @Darth Vader Dew It
  • Alan Parkinson
    Alan Parkinson 1 month ago No he didnt
  • Hentendo
    Hentendo 1 day ago Fight him
  • Prathik Kannan
    Prathik Kannan 1 year ago Can you play some sylvester stallone games?
  • Gengar Phantom
    Gengar Phantom 4 months ago He is a man, Not a God !!!
  • Fabricio Osuna
    Fabricio Osuna 4 months ago Demolition man was awesome
  • ExplorerDS6789
    ExplorerDS6789 4 months ago He played Rocky and Rambo. What's left? Stop or My Mom Will Shoot on CD-I?
  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez 5 months ago 4:55 Terminator. Suffered the same FATE... A dark fate?
  • Legacy Of The Beast Eddie
    Legacy Of The Beast Eddie 3 months ago Miguel Sanchez Pfffft
  • Captiankirk games
    Captiankirk games 3 weeks ago Miguel Sanchez yep