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The Lesbian Homie 2 is OUT NOW! Watch it here:

Join us for the world premiere of the 2nd season of Bigg Jah's most popular series, The Lesbian Homie. After finally getting over his relationship from the first series, Bruce (Bigg Jah) finds himself in another pickle with Theresa (Persephanii).

How does this happen again, and how will Bruce handle it this time while all of his friends are also going through their own drama?

Also starring @Minks @Ciera Angelia @Kenn Edwin TV @Kraig Smith @Lisa Yaro @Del Harrison Freeze Luv @Tim Willy @Marche' Howell @Lonye Nicole Gerald Herring, and Carmen Carter.

Get involved! 2DAMAX!!!

Watch it here:

#biggjah #2DAMAX #hoodgoodcomedy #thelesbianhomie

Watch the 1st season of The Lesbian Homie: