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Скачать с ютуб Elvis Presley - Hound Dog (Audio)

Опубликовано: 4 июн. 2013 г. 16 064 280 просмотров

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Music video by Elvis Presley performing Hound Dog (Audio). Originally released 1956. All rights reserved by RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

  • MagicBeliever 66
    MagicBeliever 66 4 months ago Do you miss Elvis? Yes: Like No: Comment
  • Maria Diaz
    Maria Diaz 4 months ago Yes
  • MoistDreamzz
    MoistDreamzz 4 months ago No
  • Aliana Gutierrez
    Aliana Gutierrez 4 months ago No
  • ghostlyCanvas96 Gaming
    ghostlyCanvas96 Gaming 4 months ago Yes
  • Kyra Keefer
    Kyra Keefer 4 months ago i miss elvis, but i just wanted to say i was the 69th like, lmao YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!! XDDD "i dont have enough money for chicken nugget
  • French Toast
    French Toast 4 months ago @beowulfECR Nah it's a joke
  • Christopher Mcneil
    Christopher Mcneil 4 months ago Aliana Gutierrez how can u not he was the reason u were even born if u know what I mean😝😝😝😝
  • Vinicius Cardoso ortenzi.
    Vinicius Cardoso ortenzi. 3 months ago Sgt pepper´s loney club band!
  • Irvine860
    Irvine860 3 months ago Elvis always wins. Let’s go.
  • Lilly Huddleston
    Lilly Huddleston 3 months ago Yes
  • AnzaC
    AnzaC 3 months ago @Irvine860 The house always wins
  • Shrek
    Shrek 3 months ago Sergiy_King Michael Jackson always wins and everyone might say ew he’s bad but he’s the best BEST EVER and Elvis was rock and Michael was Pop
  • Niamh
    Niamh 3 months ago beowulfECR yea
  • Jaerim Yoo
    Jaerim Yoo 3 months ago ipipippiippiippenisipipippppiiiiipppippipiiipppiiipppiii
  • Jerem15 Lolypop
    Jerem15 Lolypop 3 months ago goooooood goooooooood sonnnnnnnnnng
  • Jovan Hart
    Jovan Hart 3 months ago No
  • James Barrett
    James Barrett 3 months ago Why not?
  • Octa Goal
    Octa Goal 3 months ago No
  • Octa Goal
    Octa Goal 3 months ago Maria Diaz no
  • Its Just me
    Its Just me 3 months ago Yes
  • Mike Vlogs
    Mike Vlogs 3 months ago If you don’t miss elvis you never listend to good music
  • mikail elmi
    mikail elmi 2 months ago No
  • Talentless Cult
    Talentless Cult 2 months ago No because I'm not a like beggar
  • baba do da loo
    baba do da loo 2 months ago i'm clad his gone DEAD
  • Prussian Man
    Prussian Man 2 months ago @baba do da loo why
  • Energy Vix
    Energy Vix 2 months ago @alibicat your the guy that says something that other people don't take lightly and then the entire reply section is HELL
  • Yaritza F.
    Yaritza F. 1 month ago No because a good chunk of his music isn't actually his
  • Tina Mountford
    Tina Mountford 3 weeks ago No bo
  • Maya Davis
    Maya Davis 3 weeks ago NOpE
  • roses water
    roses water 3 weeks ago yes
  • O5car Magu1re
    O5car Magu1re 3 weeks ago He died too soon
  • April Franklin
    April Franklin 1 week ago 👍🏾👍🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾🤘🏽🤟🏾
  • jaybird
    jaybird 1 week ago if you guys don’t miss Elvis then get out LMAO there’s no reason to be here
  • Oral Allen
    Oral Allen 3 days ago If Elvis were alive today: He would happier. He and Priscilla would be back together. She would have sympathy for him and still be in love with Elvis. Elvis could go out in public without being mobbed by crazed fans.
  • Ricardo R
    Ricardo R 2 days ago +MoistDreamzz... you don’t miss Elvis... why are you here... oh right, to troll people... troll somewhere else... this ain’t no place for pedophile lovers...
  • Ricardo R
    Ricardo R 2 days ago +Maya Davis... your comment comes off to me as odd... coming from a dickhead who takes pleasure in trolling and who goes in for random capitalization...
  • Lena Braxton
    Lena Braxton 1 month ago My two kings : Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson Do you miss Elvis? Yes: Like No: Comment
  • amazing jerry
    amazing jerry 1 month ago He died 26 years before I was born, how could I miss something I never experienced? Love his music though.
  • Ricardo R
    Ricardo R 1 month ago (edited) +Lena Braxton... Jackson was a propofol-addled invalid who couldn’t stop molesting kids... he was and is a joke...
  • Clement Joel
    Clement Joel 4 weeks ago Meanwhile in england.... Nobody: Can anybody find me somebody to love???
  • Famous Kat
    Famous Kat 3 weeks ago Michael Jackson is nothing he didn't have charisma
  • Foop The Hoop
    Foop The Hoop 3 weeks ago Ricardo R that was proven false
  • Gabriel Tardelli
    Gabriel Tardelli 3 weeks ago @Famous Kat you sing with your voice charisma don´t define musicability
  • 3 Tudo Games
    3 Tudo Games 2 weeks ago @Ricardo R you can't say something you do not know!
  • Ricardo R
    Ricardo R 2 weeks ago +Foop The Hoop... he paid off $20 million and $26 million to the American legal system... you don’t pay off millions to the American Legal System if you’re innocent...
  • Ricardo R
    Ricardo R 2 weeks ago +3 Tudo Games... Jackson paid off the American Legal System TWICE to escape conviction... ask his sister LaToya...
  • Lisa McGrath
    Lisa McGrath 2 weeks ago Lena Braxton eh